Whats the big deal about kale?

Lately on the news or in magazines all I keep hearing about is kale, the leafy green. Its claimed to have all these crazy health benefits. People have been saying its truly one of the most important food items to include in you diet. It has been said to be "One of the worlds healthiest foods!" My grandmother has been making it since she was young, It has always been around in my house . I never knew that it was THAT good for you so I needed to do some research first before I am totally sold.

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The first thing I found out about kale is that (like other greens) there are vitally no fat and contains a very low amount of fat. It is also very high in fiber ( healthy for digestion) . In just one cup of kale there are only about 30 calories , around 5 grams of fiber and again, 0 grams of fat ! 

It has also a very high content of....
*Iron - good for  Iron is essential for g the formation of hemoglobin and enzymes ( in blood) , and transporting oxygen to various parts of the body. This helps with cell growth, to help the liver function correctly . It was said if you were to count calorie to calorie kale has more Iron than beef ! 
*Vitamins K , C, and A - This can help prevent against blood clots, and Vitamin K is said to help  fight against cancer! Of course Vitamin C helps support a healthy immune system and abilities to fight against infections . Vitamin A is great to help vision and skin. It was also said to aid in the prevention of oral and lung cancers. 
*Antioxidants- such as carotenoids and flavonoids can be found in kale and they help maintain a healthy body as well as help prevent against other cancers ! 
*Calcium- kale has more calcium per calorie than milk! This as we all know helps bone growth , joint flexibility and helps keep your metabolism on track !

There are so many vitamins and nutrients inside kale! I defiantly understand why there is so much hype lately ! It is said to be a great "detox" food meaning it can clear your liver of toxins helping it get more healthy ! Kale is great for  the fact it can bring down cholesterol levels.  It is also a great anti-inflammatory because of its high amount of RDA omega-3 fatty acids , which fight against asthma , arthritis and some auto-immune disorders. 

Such a powerful food ! For more information check out the table below !    

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Though kale is very healthy for you, eating too much of it raw can cause serious problems.
It can be hard on the digestive system and contains a compound that can suppress thyroid function in certain people.

I have also heard nothing but good things about kale, though I have never actually tried it. After reading your blog I decided to look further into it as well, and actually found something shocking. According to this website, the common belief that kale can help prevent cancer has actually been proven false in a scientific study. Kale can cause hormonal imbalances which may lead to cancer. For those who already have cancer and eat kale, the effects may be even worse; it reduces the body's ability to fight off cancer. I believe that kale in small amounts is definitely good for you; however, I think that, like Haley commented, it is important to limit your intake. Eventually, a person's marginal utility from kale (that is, the additional benefit from each additional unit) will become negative and will make them worse off rather than better.

My mom got into eating kale over the summer and started making it with all of our dishes. I didn't really mind eating it when it was cooked and mixed in with different flavors, but when I tried kale raw, I was disgusted. I heard that kale shakes were really good, so I decided to make one and maybe I would be more successful there, but it was a disaster. I thought I was going to throw up. I found this article written by someone who doesn't like kale either. Although the author was very dramatic, I feel that she made a valid point. Dr. Oz, as well as many other celebrities have been preaching about kale. This new love for kale is popping up all over the grocery stores. Could it be due to the media exposure? Would people actually enjoy the taste is it wasn't as highly spoken of? This makes me wonder whether or not people actually like it, or are they just saying they like it because everyone else is saying that they like it?

Kale has a ton of great nutritional benefits, but it is worth noting that eating too much of anything can be bad for you.

Kale tastes gross raw. There are some undeniable health benefits to eating it that still exist when it's baked, however, and you can make it taste quite good as an alternative to potato chips or some other junk food. Here's a recipe for kale chips:


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