What is the best way to stay warm in the winter ?

Here at State College the weather gets rough so fast. In the drop of a dime the weather turns from lovely warm weather to terrible , harsh coldness. Its probably the only thing  I don't love about Penn State - the winters. Last year I wore my dads massive winter coat because I couldn't handle the cold in my little North Face fleece anymore. But this year I am already starting to figure out ways to beat the cold even better than last year. I found in my research on this topic that we can actually learn a lot of information from nature ! 

If you are ever out in the cold like at a football game , and its freezing and you're still not warm enough I found a few make-shift ideas that actually work. 

The first is huddling  we leaned this technique from the penguins ! In Antarctica it can reach to a low of -60 degrees F. But inside the penguin huddle it can be up to 70 degrees F! The closer you are the more circulating of heat and energy will go around ! So whenever you are at Beaver Stadium and its absolutely freezing outside , get a little closer! It is scientifically  proven to keep you warmer. Another tip is to eat something . When you are eating and its cold outside it does a few things. It first distracts yourself from the cold by concentrating on eating , but it also is making your body work, and break down what you are eating. Food gives you energy and the more energy you have the more energy there is to circulate around in your huddle ! 
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The next task I found might sound like common sense but it actually has truth to it. Running around to keep warm. Truly any type of aerobic exercise will suffice.  I am sure we have all played sports when we are younger and our coach would say "everyone take a lap to get warmed up!" There is actually a lot of truth to that statement. When you run you are literally getting the body moving.  This gets energy released from the body. The only issue with this , is that when you are moving and you are losing energy so you will need to eat to maintain those energy levels. 

The last technique I found is "sheltering" Make sure your whole body isn't exposed to the outside. Especially the limbs. Even though your chest is the most important are to keep covered , you will notice if your hands and feet are frozen faster, and It becomes very distracting. We learned this from wolf packs and other animal herds. Stay covered ! Its that simple ! 

We can learn a lot from nature ! I am defiantly going to use all of these skills the next time I am in Beaver Stadium trying to survive the cold fall games ! I hope this helped you too! 



One common myth associated with keeping warm is putting on a hat, because according to urban legend, you lose the most heat out of your body through your head. This however, is false. Your body loses heat equally throughout your body, therefore an inch of skin on your leg will produce as much heat as an inch of skin on your arm. The main difference is that we usually cover up all the other parts of our skin and our head usually goes bare, however our head is 10% of our body, so we also need it covered to keep a maximum amount of warm. Just another way to stay warm during winter! http://www.details.com/blogs/daily-details/2012/12/do-you-really-lose-the-most-heat-from-your-head.html

Walking around campus today in my boots and north face was not fun because I was still freezing! I hate being cold unless I am able to get into my bed under all of the covers and go to sleep. With the awkward little snow storm we had today it did not make me feel any warmer. I can definitely attest to the fact that huddling makes you warmer, especially in Beaver Stadium, when you are packed into the student section you instantly feel warmer and no longer feel the wind. I agree as well with when you are distracted you are less likely to feel the cold and when you are watching the game your mind is not on the cold weather but instead cheering for the Nittany Lions to beat Michigan. Walking to class I always feel colder because while there are a lot of people walking on the sidewalks they aren't jam packed and you aren't distracted by anything but the dread of going to class.

There is absolutely nothing worse then being cold. I hate being cold but am somehow always freezing, some of the things you mentioned definitely do work! Huddling together and making sure you are covered up as much as possible are sure ways to stay warm as you struggle to get to class. The wind is probably the one thing the makes the cold absolutely unbearable while walking around State College in the winter. One little trick you can use to cut down on the wind is walking backwards. Sounds weird, I know, but trust me it helps so much. It stops the wind from hitting you in the face/chest and really makes it feel like it isn't as cold as it was when you were walking against the wind. For some more ways to be prepared for the cold check out this website! http://www.wikihow.com/Stay-Warm-During-Winter-Outdoor-Activities

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