What Causes the Munchies?

I was always curious as to what causes people to have the munchies after they smoked. In the article What Causes the Munchies?,Stuart Fox says "Scientists have finally begun to understand why smoking pot leads to so many late night trips to Taco Bell."

According to the article, the main factor is a brain pathway known as that "endogenous cannabinoid system" (Fox). This system, which involves naturally occurring brain chemicals that resemble the active ingredients in marijuana. It effects your body by craving tasty food.

It has been recently discovered that pharmaceutical companies are researching both marijuana-like drugs in hops it will activate the appetite of chemotherapy patients and HIV sufferers. Although there were some studies in the 70s, there will eventually be more and more doctors will be using the "munchies" for a better, safer cause. 

When Harriet de Wit, a professor from the University of Chicago, was asked where the "munchies" stemmed from she responded by saying it also resembles stress levels which cause most of the cravings. 



While your post dances on the line of controversy, I found it interesting and enjoyable to read. After reading further into the subject, I found out that while it is known why marijuana causes the "munchies" it is not known how the body produces the chemicals that are released. Not only is it a mystery of how they are produced, but it is also a mystery of how they work. I thought that was a really interesting concept. Here's the article, I think you'll find it informative.


This is a good article. Interesting to read because I know many people are thinking just not writing about you. It's cool to see the science behind the actions that people do on a daily basis. Science Daily's article talks about the "Marijuana Munchies" and how and why it effects your hunger. I thought it was a great article: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2005/12/051226102503.htm

My roommate smokes every day and she has the munchies all day everyday it seems. But I often wonder why she isn't fat. Mean, but I figured she would be gaining weight if she is taking in that much ice cream, cereal, Cheetos etc. Well this article shows some research done that explains why munchers are skinnier than most of us who don't smoke or eat like beasts after lol


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