What causes Cancer?

Today I went canning for one of the greatest organizations in my opinion, THON. Much of the time I was canning I couldn't stop thinking about why certain people get cancer. I found myself asking has cancer always been there and we've never been able to diagnose it until recently? Are certain people more likely to get cancer than others due to genetics? Is cancer due to people's choice of lifestyle? Or is cancer being more prominent today because people are putting chemicals in their bodies, voluntarily or involuntarily, that have never existed due to new technologies?

I honestly think that many people don't know the exact answer to any of these questions and I'm sure if they did there would most likely be huge advances in research of cancer in preventing it and treating it. Each one of these questions I asked myself today could be the right answer or none of them could be the right answer or even it could be a mix of all these. I will dive into these questions to try and find out which one of these questions appears to have more supporting evidence behind it.

Cancer has been around for thousands of years, however it has been becoming more and more prominent. Disease Education does a nice job explaining many of these questions and exactly what is cancer. In one of the paragraphs it states that about 80% of cancer is caused by lifestyle choices. Many things that we do throughout our lives could be affecting our bodies little by little, slowly raising the chances of our chances of developing cancerous cells. Our bodies are supposed to be able to get rid of the cancerous cells that develop into cancer later on. Many toxins we are putting into our body prevents the ability of our body to do that and get rid of those bad cells.


 I think that within reading a couple of websites, the Disease Education does a good job bringing a lot of information together into one place and pointing me in the right direction to answering my  questions. I have come to my own conclusion that cancer isn't cause by one specific thing, but rather a combination of many different things. I think that people may debate exactly what the causes are of cancer or exactly what things have more of an impact on cancer than the others. This may be one of the many reasons why cancer is such a hard disease to find a cure for, because many different scientists debate and can't come to a single conclusion as to what causes cancer.


First off, THON is awesome! It's great you went canning.
Second, this is a really interesting post. It's easy to assume that cancer is caused by one specific thing. But I guess it would make sense that it's caused by a bunch of lifestyle choices. I think this post could have been more informative if it had information on little things we can do every day to prevent it. It seems that everyone is getting cancer these days, so I feel like I must do some things that make me more vulnerable to cancer.
I found an article from "Reader's Digest" that has 31 ways to prevent cancer. A lot of the article talks about food. This is definitely something to keep in mind!

I agree with Sierra THON is an amazing organization and I thank everyone who donates and takes time out of their busy lives to go canning! My older brother, 23 years old, this past December was diagnosed with Sarcoma Cancer. It was definitely one of the hardest realities and shock my family had ever had to face. He has always been an inspiration to me and as successful as he has made himself through his hard work in college made me think he was invincible... The same questions you had asked in your blog post have been the same questions running through my families heads as well. His cancer was not genetic and he is THE healthiest eater I know. He also keeps himself in great shape. So the question we repetitively ask is HOW did he get this rare cancer? Here is a website http://www.cancer.net/cancer-types/sarcoma that explains more about what Sarcoma Cancer is as it is an aggressive cancer not very well known.

I've heard so many times that THON is amazing and I absolutely can't wait! and it is AWESOME that you went canning, for SO many people are suffering through cancer. I feel like everything causes cancer. Apparently, even ice-cream could cause cancer; this is a blog I did recently if you would like to read: http://www.personal.psu.edu/afr3/blogs/siowfa13/2013/10/my-beloved-ice-cream-will-never-do-such-a-thing.html

I mean, everything... like things that we, each individuals, can't really control.
such as air pollution... does that mean we're all gonna die due to cancer eventually?


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