Whale Breath Can Cure Cancer?

Although whale breath cannot directly cure a patients cancer, studies have shown that by studying the particles of whale breath it can also help doctors discover what might be causing the sickness in whales and then helping them to further look into humans breath patterns. 

In the article A Wealth of Data in Whale Breath written by Rebecca Kessler, scientists recently discovered that with dolphins and whales their breath normally smells fishy. If their breath tends to smell sweater they could have developed pneumonia and, if their breath smells of rotten eggs scientists conclude that there could be digestive problems. 

"Doctors have long sniffed their patients' breath to diagnose a variety of diseases. But gadgets may soon replace noses, with chemical breath tests under development for a host of human ailments, including asthma, cancer, diabetes, and tuberculosis." Kessler. 

After studying the dolphins and whales, scientists have begun to think about the future of chemical breath tests to attempt to cure deadly diseases. Testing other animals breaths, such as beluga whales has also provided more evidence that this is a step in the right direction. 

"We looked at the samples and were like 'All right!' There is so much stuff in there...there's a tremendous amount of room for discovery," said the study's director, Christina Davis, a chemical sensing expert at the University of California.

I think that will experiments like this is is not only beneficial to humans, it also doesn't hurt any animals in the process. In high school I always advocated for animal rights and wrote at least three papers on it during my high school and college experience. I believe that not only humans have the right to protect themselves, but animals do too. This is the perfect way to help humans because animals are finally providing us in a beneficial, harmless way to cure diseases that have been killing us forever. 



Whales are magical creatures, I wouldn't doubt it...

I always like hearing interesting discoveries like this one. Who would thought that a whale could help with such an important discovery to the human race. Things like this shows what science could do, and how we still truly live in an undiscovered world around us. Here is an interesting article that goes along with your blog:


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