"This DEFINITELY Happened Before!"

Have you ever been mid-conversation with someone and felt the sensation that you've had this same conversation before? Have you ever driven by something or walked into a restaurant and felt that you have been there before when in reality you haven't? I think everyone would agree that déjà vu is one of the strangest experiences and always leaves you thinking, "Has this happened before?" 


For me, déjà vu comes about through a combination of sensations. For example, I will be listening to a friend talk while I'm looking at something in the distance and I therefore feel like it has happened before. There are various theories as to why this happens to so many of us, ranging from reincarnation to paranormal activity to neurological disorders. Because there is no single study that has gathered significant evidence just yet, there is no theory that has been proven. In order to come up with a theory about why déjà vu occurs, we must first understand what it is.

Many researchers agree that déjà vu fits into two categories. The first is associative déjà vu, which is what most of us experience. You sense something and feel an association with something you have sensed before. Many scientists believe that the memory centers in the brain are responsible for this sensation since this type of déjà vu is a memory-based encounter. The second category, biological déjà vu, is less common. This occurs in people with temporal lobe epilepsy right before they have a seizure. This category is much more intense, since people who experience it actually believe they have experienced whatever they are sensing before, while the people who experience the first category simply have the feeling and it passes.

As much as I would like to inform you all of the theories about why déjà vu occurs, I could not find anything of substantial credibility and it seems as though researchers are still struggling to find its cause. I feel it would be unfair to present one or two theories when there are many others out there that merit the same credibility. However, this does not mean that we cannot form an opinion on it. Though many attribute it to the paranormal, an alternate universe, or a previous life, I personally believe that déjà vu is a sensation that occurs because of some reaction in the brain and memory areas.

What do you think!?

This link explains the strangest phenomena of the mind, including déjà vu





I like this article because it is something that everyone can relate to. Critically thinking, what way is there to test a hypothesis of why déjà vu happens? The whole experimental process would be observational, and it would be hard to collect evidence. What experiences have you had with déjà vu? I feel like the feeling is different for everyone.

Regards to my comment above here is a link to an interesting article:


i really wish that there was a good explanation for déjà vu because its interesting that we feel like a situation has happen even though it never has. whenever this happens to me i kind of get frustrated of why it feels like its happened and start trying to think of when it happened before. i think the reason could be because you could have done something very similar before. like at school where you do basically the same thing every day and the similar surroundings and action can cause that feeling. An explanation i have heard and i like even though it most likely isnt true, is that déjà vu occurs because you dreamt of that exact situation and forgot about it. it doesn't sound very likely but at least to me déjà vu really only occurs with very common events like talking to a person, which the brain can probably create based on a person or your past experiences.

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