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Mostly every college kid has had one of those mornings; lying in bed, immobile, in the clothes you the night before... You've got yourself a nasty hangover. But how do the effects of alcohol do this to you?

Congeners are chemicals in alcohol "during the processing and maturation that increase the severity of a hangover". Usually when liquor is darker it contains more congeners. These chemicals are responsible for those crappy feelings you get the next morning (nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, headaches, rapid heart rate, and increasing blood pressure).

            I tried to find scientific studies on hangovers but then realized that it's a bit morally wrong to intoxicate subjects just to measure their hangovers. There were although many scientific studies on a hangover cure. Hangover research institute "has a number of research objectives that include: Ending the modern day hangover, Encouraging healthy choices during alcohol consumption, Educating the public about unhealthy folk-remedies for hangovers, Investigating inflammation caused by acetaldehyde during veisalgia". They think that scientists should be able to come up with a better cure than water and Advil, and I most certainly agree! But if there is a cure for hangovers do you think alcohol consumption would be excessive?


I found your blog very interesting because I myself have definitely had more than a few really bad hangovers. Now I know to stay away from the the dark liquors!

As far as finding studies on hangovers I found one that might help you out
This study states the effects of hangovers, which I'm sure we all know, but it also explains why alcohol causes hangovers. Then it debates whether congeners or methanol are the main cause of hangovers for which further research is needed to find out.


I wish you expanded more on what specifically cures a hangover and the chemical process that goes on when alcohol is consumed and the cures that may help stop this process. Also, since when is it morally wrong to get intoxicated? I am sure many would love to volunteer for a scientific study to measure there hangover. If you do happen to get a hangover, try to eat foods that can take away the acid that has built in the stomach. Eggs, tomato soup, and bananas are all good foods to help cure a hangover. Try them out sometime, they work!

The Huffington Post has an article on how Sprite might be a great hangover cure:

Personally, I've found that preventing hangovers is much more effective than treating them. While I'm drinking, I usually attempt to drink water, too. Even if it's two glasses throughout the night and one before bed, it usually does the job. Staying hydrated is key, and that preventative measure can be the best trick.

Well since I am currently hungover I had to read your post! I have found the best thing for a hangover is Gatorade. Water obviously helps, but Gatorade instantly does the trick for me. I have also heard coconut water helps a lot too, but I never tried it. I found an article that has 7 natural cures for a hangover.

One of the "cures" is to soak in wasabi which I found absurd, but hey you gotta do what you gotta do!

I actually did a blog on recovering hangovers last blog period!! It's interesting that you bring up the fact that much research can not be conducted due to the fact that these experiments will tried the lines of unethical. While I do not have 'the cure' here are some common remedies used to assist people in overcoming a hangover.,,20452426,00.html

Hi Laura! I had never heard of congeners, so I decided to do a little research. Because congeners add to an alcohol's color, odor, and taste as well, it seems plausible that clear alcohol like vodka and gin give us less severe hangovers than darker, smelly ones like whiskey, bourbon, and rum. However, congeners play a relatively small role in the severity of a hangover. It is really the alcohol itself that makes us feel sluggish and lazy the morning after because it is a depressant. Check out this article for more on hangovers.

I decided to read your post because it really went with my mood today. What I thought was missing though is why do some people get hang overs and others don't? Well I am always the one who wants to die in the mornings my roommate is always up and ready for round two. How in the world is that possible?? After some research I am still a little unsure:

It seems to be a couple different things:
-They could be younger
-Some people have a greater tolerance of pain
-Hang overs come from dehydration they could stay very hydrated
-May not have drank the same amount
-Their body mass may be higher

As you age, hangovers get increasingly worse. Our bodies lose the ability to process liquor as we get older, as the critical enzymes for breaking down begin to lose their quality. ALDH is the enzyme that breaks down ethanol. With the loss of efficiency for this enzyme, expect a more severe hangover.

Hangovers suck, why can't they make alcohol with these "congeners". It would make everyone so much happier before and after they drink if we just go rid of these congeners. I heard that its better to get over hangovers by drinking more, i dont know if thats true or not however.
The worst hangover in history.

Laura, It's funny you said that I had one this week, and man it was horrible. I am a dark liquor type of drinking fella and I love dark liquor. Do you also think the severity of a hangover can be due to the quality and not congeners?

Rhonda, I also find it interesting that they can't experiment on that, but science can experiment on many other things. I feel like if they did a experiment on that, that would cause less DUI and DUI deaths.(opinion)

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