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With all the drugs that are so easy to access these days, are they all really as safe as we think? I know a lot of college students who take Advil or Tylenol every day, even a few times a day. Are the drugs we use really that safe? I did a little digging and found a drug that already has some bad attention for being abused by college students, and found that the side effects are much more serious than most people know. The following article goes into great detail on what could really be going on with this common drug.

What is this drug? Adderall. This article goes into some scary detail about how this drug is much more serious than most people believe. Many college students use it to stay up late studying or to add to their buzz when they are out partying. What they don't understand is that this drug is really easy to overdose on and is also extremely addictive. The article states that, "More serious effects include heart palpitations, elevation of blood pressure, Tourette's syndrome, seizures, stroke, and psychotic episodes or plain old psychosis." These side effects do not seem like something that should be taken lightly in my opinion.

Adderall is very easy to get access to. I have friends who have said that they just told their doctor they have trouble concentrating just to get the drug. This is definitely an issue. I believe that with all these side effects that this drug should be much harder to get a hold of. I wonder if another drug like Thalidomide got on the market, would it be just as easy to get your hands on it? Seeing the side effect of Adderall makes me concerned that the US does not take drugs as serious as they should be taken. I am definitely going to watch what drugs I am taking and how much I am taking after learning all this about common drugs. I think that America should stop taking this subject so lightly as well.


This article about the effects of Adderall really worries me. I honestly didn't know there were so many side effects to Adderall because it seems like such a common thing for college students to take when they need to cram for finals or a big test. I agree that the US should take the effects of this drug more seriously. Here is another article you may like to read that talks more about the effects of Adderall.

As a freshman, I have never really been exposed to drug use among students until this year. In high school, people would just pull all nighters and face being tired the next day without any help from drugs. When I came to college, I was truly shocked by the stories I heard about students using drugs like Adderall to stay awake and study. Just last night, my roommate came back from the study lounge and told me a story about a boy who was there trying to study after taking Adderall. She reported that he sat and stared at pencil for a solid 20 minutes and then proceeded to stare at the blank screen on his phone. I found it ironic that he took Adderall in an effort to be more productive, but he ended up being unable to focus.

Here is a link that really shocked me:
Obviously, Adderall is much more prevelant among college students than among other people ages 18-22. There are many reasons why this might be happening. The first is obviously because college students are under a lot more stress and are more pressed for time since they are studying and have to fit in social activities and possibly a job on the side. Another reason might be because Adderall is more readily available in a college environment. Kids clustered together under the same stress might be more likely to sell or buy Adderall.

After reading your post, I feel much more educated on Adderall and its effects and certainly plan never to use it!

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