Tanning or Cancer?


We all love summer and the beach don't we? We long for the sand at our feet, waves hitting the coast, cute bathing suites, the boardwalk and most importantly the hot beaming sun. "Fun in the sun" is what we call it. We gather up all of our friends and head out to have an awesome day. We lay on our towels with our sunglasses on while letting the sun fry our bodies to a darker skin tone seems "cool" but how healthy is this act? Those of us that took science in high school know that the sun produces ultraviolet radiation that happens to have one of the strongest energies on the light spectrum right before x-rays. Here's a question for you, if the doctors put a protective smock on us when we receive an x-ray what makes it okay to expose our bodies to ultraviolet radiations? The answer is it's not okay!

            Tanning in any form is dangerous whether on a beach or in a tanning bed. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation ultraviolet radiation causes skin cell damage. UV radiation also leads to premature skin aging such as wrinkles and brown spots. Who wants to be a young 25 and look like they're 48?! I know I sure don't! Studies also show that 74% of tanners are more likely to develop melanoma which is the most dangerous form of skin cancer. If you ask me 74% is nothing to brush off, hearing this statistic makes me want to hide from the sun forever!

            For those of us that still lie on the beach and think we're in the clear from developing skin cancer because we drowned our body in sunscreen, how right are we? How effective is sunscreen? The Mayo Clinic tells us that sunscreens are in fact effective and actually work to reduce melanoma. What is the best kind of sunscreen you may ask? Mayo Clinic also lets us know that it depends on the SPF (Sunscreen Protective Factor) number. It is believed that the ones with a higher SPF offer more protection. In addition it boils down to how well you apply the sunscreen. I'm leaving you with this information because I do not want anyone reading this getting cancer from something that could have been avoided.




74% is a high risk! My skin never seems to burn so around mid summer I usually don't even bother with sunblock. I will definitely think twice before doing that anymore. I once heard that an Spf any lower than 30 is not even effective at all. Since i normally use 15 or 8 I figured I should look it up. I found an article that gives great information on sunblock "An SPF 15 sunscreen blocks 94 percent of UVB rays, SPF 30 blocks 97 percent, SPF 50 blocks 98 percent, and SPF 100 blocks 99 percent. No sunscreen is a 100 percent guarantee."

Hi I also have done some research on the link between melanoma and indoor tanning use. It turns out that in a study done between 604 people who regularly tanned and 479 controls. They found that there was a stronger link between people of ages 18-29 years of age who tanned and 75% who developed skin cancer. The researchers did take into account the sex, city, education, family history and skin color, however there could've been other factors involved that were not taken into account.

To learn more about this study visit: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20669232

Although I don't want to admit it, all kind of tanning are extremely bad for you. I love to fry myself in the sun on the beaches all summer. In the past two years I have been using the tanning beds during the winter. Not that it helps, but the apartment complex I live in has free tanning. I am really scared for the effects and should keep myself more aware.

Just to propose an alternative viewpoint,
Actually, moderate exposure to sunlight and tanning are beneficial because they promote Vitamin D production in the body, which we sometimes do not get enough of through our diet. Vitamin D is beneficial for our metabolism and helps weight loss. Furthermore, studies show that getting skin cancer from a tanning bed when used responsibly is under .02%.

I love tanning and being tan, I'm not going to lie; and if I would've been commenting on this blog a year or so ago I would've completely disagreed and said that there were ways to avoid getting cancer from tanning. Until recently I have been really ignorant to all the bad signs that came from tanning, fake tanning, and being in the sun too long with out skin cancer. I clung to the facts that sunlight did give off vitamin D which was good for you like William said in a previous comment it is something we don’t get enough of in our everyday diet. But recently, I have started listening to the other side of the argument and have actually changed my state of mind and stopped fake tanning and being out in the sun as often with out sun screen. In the past 40 years rates of skin cancer have risen almost 800 percent in young women and half of that in young men. 800%! If that isn't enough to start getting you to think differently you can continue reading about correlations between melanoma and young adults in an article you can find on this think, http://www.skincancer.org/news/melanoma/melanoma-young-adults-2012.

This link below goes to a video that really opened my eyes to how common melanoma really is and how careful we really should be in order to prevent skin cancer.

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