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Unfortunately for my roommate, I'm a chronic sleep talker.  I've been doing it for over a year now and I never really knew why.  Just last night my roommate came home while I was asleep and my unconscious self proceeded to demand that she takes my phone and then suddenly I announced to her that I was, in fact, talking in my sleep.  The weird thing is, I don't remember any of it.

Why is that?
According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep talking is normally caused by "stress, depression, fever, sleep deprivation, day-time drowsiness or alcohol."  In my opinion, I was not a victim to any of those symptoms last night, leaving me confused as to why I did it.  I couldn't stop my research there, so I had to look elsewhere.  An article titled Why Do People Talk In Their Sleep told me that sleep talking can occur during both REM and non-REM sleep.  With that being said, it's likely that I was transitioning between these two, creating me to become half awake.  My roommate must have walked in while this was occurring, which interrupted the transition, causing me to talk.  

Luckily for me, I didn't say anything embarrassing, though that is always a possibility.  Obviously, one cannot control what they say in their sleep, so it can range from being a full on conversation, to the events of one's dreams, to straight gibberish.  


Unfortunately, there's really nothing you can do about sleep talking.  If the problem continues for a long period of time, seeing a doctor may be your best bet.  Essentially, you could have some sort of medical issue such as sleep anxiety or stress.  

As far as my roommate is concerned, the only thing the articles suggest is wearing ear plugs or turning on a fan to drown me out.  I don't see her doing either of those things, so until I grow out of this, she's stuck listening to my rambling at random hours of the night.


This is so me! I talk in my sleep all the time most of the time I am on my way to sleep and can hear what I'm saying to someone and I can remember what I said the next day. Of course I can't control what I say but it's nice to remember what was said. Other times I don't remember and I have to hear about my sleep talking from others as they are laughing at me, I find this to be pretty funny myself. This happened a lot when I was on the phone, I used to fall asleep on individuals all the time. I would say things like "pass me the red ball" or "go chase the ice cream truck". These sayings didn't have anything to do with the previous conversations so why did I say them? Are we more inclined to sleep talk when we're on the phone? Psychology Today elaborates more on this

My roommate talks in her sleep too! Sometimes it happens during the middle of the night, I will wake up hearing her talking to me and start paying attention until I realize it is jibberish. I wanted to look further into what you were saying about when sleep talking usually occurs during the rem cycle. What I found also confirmed that sleep talking can occur at any point in the sleep cycle, which explains why my roommates sometimes sleep talks right away after she falls asleep or in the middle of the night. The article I found said that a lot of people sleep talk in their sleep, and yet they contributed sleep talking to various negative causes. My roommate isn't a ball of stress, I see no correlation between the amount of stressed she has vs. her sleeptalking.

My roommate also talks in her sleep. I just finished telling her what she was saying last night while asleep actually. She is always surprised when I tell her she talks in her sleep because she does not think she does. I find it amusing sometimes to hear her talk in her sleep because it always sounds like she is yelling at someone or having a conversation with someone. I did some research on this and found that yes it can happen at any time of the night not just during REM. Although if it is during REM, that is because of "motor breakthrough" which is where people's vocal cords get turned on briefly during sleep and they speak their dream. The other stage where people tend to talk in their sleep is the one described in this blog called "transitory arousals." My roommate and I cannot figure out why she talks in her sleep considering she is not depressed or stressed or any of the other causes.

The symptoms include "stress, depression, fever, sleep deprivation, day-time drowsiness or alcohol"? Can you say, college student? My roommate last year used to talk in her sleep and sleepwalk occasionally, which freaked me out at first, but it's nothing to worry about. Sleepwalking is a medical condition according to:, but there isn't really a cure for it. It's just one of those annoying things one has to deal with, unless a doctor gets involved. I imagine sleep medication would help, but until the person completely restricts their diet or lifestyle of alcohol, stress, depression, etc, the problem unfortunately remains.

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