Take 3: The Last Blog Period

So you've made it to the final blog period. You can finally breathe that sigh of relief. If you're happy with one of the grades you received in a previous blog period, the good news is that you don't have to frantically post any last minute blogs (which you shouldn't be doing anyway, but I understand it's a stressful time). For those of you that haven't gotten satisfactory blog grades, you have this entire period to change that. Many of you are concerned with posting more blogs, but that's only a small portion of what makes up your grade. You also want to make your final shot at blogging good.

So how, during that final stretch, do you write an A-worthy blog?

Andrew has posted plenty of examples of well-written, well-thought blogs that you can model your posts after. But it's also essential to look back at the comments you received alongside your previous blog grades. Maybe your comments say you need to cite more sources. Or that you need a question at the end of your post. Putting those suggestions into action can highly affect your grade.

You may also want to look at your previous blogs and compare them to the grading rubric on ANGEL. Go through each category and try to look at your posts objectively. Your strengths could lie in the quantity section of the rubric, but if you're lacking in the content section of the rubric, your whole grade will suffer. Look at your blogs from a professor's eyes: Does this show that I put time and effort into my research, that I care about the topic?

As always, feel free to ask me or Ethan questions. I'm happy to look at drafts (if sent well in advance before the blog period ends) and send you back some feedback.

Good luck, and happy blogging! :D

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