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Ever find yourself feeling down in the dumps as soon as you wake up and see the rainy day ahead of you? Or on the contrary, finding yourself smiling from ear to ear on a beautiful sunny day at the beach? I've always wondered if these weather patterns actually do play a part in our moods.

Rachelle Gaynor from AccuWeather did an article titled "Does Rainy Fall Weather Really Affect Your Mood?" She took the standpoint of no, weather has very little impact on our changing moods. Jaap Denissen conducted a study in 2008 and found that our fluctuating moods and the weather had very little correspondence. The only thing he found in his research was that there is in fact a significant association between sunlight and fatigue. People who are exposed to more sunlight actually have less symptoms of depression. She also noted that it may be the shortening of days, not the weather patterns, that make us feel a certain way. In the winter, it is harder to get up in the morning when it is dark out, and we crave more high carb foods, which leads to weight gain- subsequently followed by feelings of depression (for me at least!)

WebMD takes a similar standpoint, finding that weather and mood have little effects. However, they did note that wind had more of a negative effect on people's moods in the spring and the summer than in the fall and the winter. Sunlight had somewhat of an undesirable consequence when people reported to be tired. Some reported to even have more positive feelings when the days became shorter. There were countless variations in people responses and personality types, so WebMD stated that there could still be some kind of articulation between weather and mood.



That's interesting that Rachelle Gaynor said no that weather does not have a role in a person's mood. There is a disorder called Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD in which people become emotionally upset and in order to feel better must sit under lights that act as sunlight. This is a real disorder which lowers someone's mood if the sun isn't out or if it's a crappy day, here's more information on it:

I know when it's raining I am usually not in a good mood and don't want to do much but when it's a nice day I can put my sunglasses on and actually enjoy my walk to class instead of freezing my butt off!

People always say that rainy days bring them down, but that definitely isn't always the case for me. The weather rarely has any impact on my mood. In fact, I find rainy days to be relaxing and a nice change in pace every now and then--not to mention it's perfect napping weather. However, I do believe that my mood is affected by darkness, or a lack of light. It's rather depressing during the winter when days are really short and I seem to be surrounded by darkness all the time. This article discusses a study suggesting that there is no real relationship between weather and mood as people differ, but also mentions that many people's moods are affected by changes in season:

I really can relate to this article. I live for a great warm sunny day. However, I read an article that had evidence to support that weather does in fact have an effect on one's mood. the author mentions how studies, as early as the 1970s have concluded that there is a positive relationship between the two. The article also mentions that there is a disorder for people who have mood changes depending on the weather. It is referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder! While your posts has great evidence to support no correlation, I can not help but think there is some truth behind what the article talks about. Smiles and sun always come in pairs for a reason!

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