Study On Spanking Shows Negative Effects


A pediatric study sought to review the intellectual and behavioral effects of corporal punishment on children ages 3 and 5. The researchers observed children and families in 20 medium sized cities. Parental reports of spanking were assessed when the kids were 3 and 5 years old, as well as behavioral tendencies and vocabulary skills at age 9. The data also included extensive controls in other families. 


The results of the study were mostly negative with regard to the effects of spanking. Overall, 57% of mothers and 40% of fathers spanked their 3-year-old children while 52% of mothers and 33% of fathers spanked their 5-year-old children. Both age groups displayed negative behavioral reactions to corporal punishment, and the vocabulary skills of 9 year olds who had been spanked was poor. 


This study was interesting, to me. I think that the percentages of parents that practiced corporal punishment would have been even higher at an earlier time. It's likely that more parents spanked their kids during the mid-20th century than the 21st century. Times have changed, and I think parenting methods are changing with them.


In terms of the effects of corporal punishment, I agree with the overarching theme of what the study found. I don't think that spanking is a long-term solution to misbehavior in children. On the other hand, I was spanked as a kid, and I think I turned out pretty much alright (I hope). Overall, corporal punishment is risky, and it definitely shouldn't be the first option in terms of disciplining children. 



This I feel is a very sensitive topic when it comes to the development of a child. Punishment of a some kind is essential and there might be different kinds of punishments. Physical punishment is one of the kind. This summer I was at a mountaineering school run by the Indian Army and over there they used physical punishment in the form of spanking the ankles of laggers during physical training. that did make people work faster for the fear of the stick. But that just instilled fear and did not necessarily mean anything else in the mind of the trainees. The same is with kids. There is a lot of talk about kids who get spanked do not develop into normal adults. I too was spanked like most people and I turned out just fine. But again it did not teach me anything per say. It did manage to create hatred in my heart. I think instead of corporal punishment these forms of punishments would be better: Withholding rewards, penalties. They are surely more effective and will create a conscious. They still work for me.

Spanking kids hurts them not only in the present, but in the long run. The fact that people spank their kids to change their behavior is sickening to me. However, there is a third confounding variable that I can see affecting both the fact that the kids get spanked and the fact that they do more poorly in school than those who are not spanked. It is possible that parents who are more likely to raise their kids in a threatening environment are also more likely to spank their kids and maybe it is the environment that is making the kids do less well in school.

I have never really seen the point in physical punishment. The only thing gained from that are the senses of fear and hostility against you that are now instilled in your child. Another problem I see with spanking kids is how can you hit your kid but then tell them that hitting other kids is bad and on top of that hitting your kid in my opinion is just bound to make them more aggressive in the future. A controlled study done at Tulane University showed just that. This study showed that three year olds that were spanked at least twice a month were 1.5 times more likely to be aggressive y age five than those who were not spanked at age three. Spanking isn't the best way to get your kid to stop doing whatever it was that you don't want them doing. A much more effective way is taking away a reward or something they like and only returning it once they have proven that they have learned their lesson.
To learn more about the study I mentioned earlier visit this website

Thanks for the comments, guys! I agree with what you are saying. I don't see any positive result out of spanking that can't be reached through ohter measures. I also think you're right in bringing up behavioral issues that could come out of corporal punishment. Kids might think that it's ok to be physical with other people, and that's definitely not good. Overall, I think times are changing and less parents will spank their kids in the future.

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