Stress And Its Annoying Side Effects


As I sit here knee deep in homework, meetings and responsibilities I can instantly feel myself becoming stressed out and overwhelmed.  How am I going to get this all done? How will I still have to time to go for a run or workout?  These are the thoughts constantly running through my head as I try to muster through my work day in and day out. 

I can't hide the fact that I am a stressful and neurotic person by nature. I have tons of great qualities, or at least I hope that I do, but one blaring fault of mine is my inability to deal with stress.  It's something I'm aware of but boy, does it take a lot of time and effort to work on.

With that being said, naturally I am also one of the many people who bear the physical repercussions of stress. You know, everyone's favorite's like stress eating till I am blue in the face, feeling so sick like I have caught the bubonic plague and my personal favorite, cold sores. 

Yep, cold sores and I go way back and for as long as I can remember, anytime that I get stressed out, I get a cold sore on my lip soon after.  These nasty little buggers have been the bane of my existence for quite some time now but lately I've been wondering if is normal to get them so frequently when stress creeps into my life.

According to, cold sores do come out when people are stressed because stress can mess with your immune system.  When your immune system becomes weaker, it allows the dormant virus to come out. states that cold sores are actually one of the most common inflammatory mouth conditions and affect roughly 20% of the population and last typically up to two weeks. While the causes are still unknown, trauma to the mouth , food allergies to gluten, and stress can all cause cold sores to appear.  

So while in all respects cold sores are pretty typical, it doesn't make having one any less easy.  Over the years I've become very good at feeling that tingle and immediately putting on medicinal cream to try and combat them. However, for now it seems as though no cure is in the immediate future.  Guess that just means I will have  to learn how to fight stress head on to try and avoid its annoying side effects ... like cold sores.


Kelsey, I know exactly what you mean about stress having annoying side effects. All through high school I used to get this one pimple on my nose and I always thought it was due to stress. However, last week I was more stressed than ever and my face was acne-free. Maybe it was luck? I've always heard of acne being related to stress, but I never knew if it was actually true. When I Googled "stress and acne" I found a article on Huffington Post that stated there is not clear connection between the two. It's not easy to pinpoint the direct cause of acne. There is a lot of coincidence between the two, but there are most certainly third variables that need to be factored in.

When I was in high school, I used to get really bad acnes. I don't have bad acnes anymore. But I get really bad stomachaches now like crams (yes, unfortunately, I do get really bad crams too) and I surely believe it's because of the extreme stresses that I get since I came off to college.

I guess its all about the psychology behind it!

I completely understand the overwhelmed feeling of having too much on your plate. Unfortunately, that's how I've been feeling these last few weeks. Not only does stress cause cold sores, but it also has many other effects on your body. Did you know that being stressed could shrink your brain? Or effect your offspring's genes? Or increase risk of diseases? There are many more though I thought I would share the ones with you that I found to be most interesting. If you're curious as to what the others are, check out this article!

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