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I don't know about you but I hate sneezing. A lot of people say it's relieving because it feels so good. Personally, I think it's an awful feeling. The feeling comes at inopportune times Maybe I sneeze wrong because as weird as it sounds, mine hurt. They come from my chest and really don't feel that good. Even when I have a cold and I don't feel relieved after I sneeze. I just don't understand the concept of sneezing, so I decided to look up anything I could find about it. I found an article on WebMD that listed "11 Surprising Sneezing Facts." Here are the first three that are the most 'scientific':

  1.  A sneeze is considered a nerve transmission. It signals your brain that something is in your nose that needs to be released.
  2. Sneezes keep us healthy because they clear the nose of bacteria and viruses.
  3. Sneezes travel about 100 miles per hour. One sneeze can send 100,000 germs into the air.
As far as the first two go, I guess after all sneezes aren't that bad. I wish there was an alternate option, but I guess I'll learn to deal with them. However, that third part grosses me out. I'm a semi-germ freak. Only in the sense that I try to make sure I keep my germs to myself and I hope other people will do the same. When I see someone sneeze into their elbow, I want to give them a pat on the back. When I see someone sneeze into their hand, or without their hand, I want to spray them with hand sanitizer the way exterminators spray houses to eliminate bugs. Anyone else feel the same way?

Yes, I know germs are everywhere and not all of them are bad. Let's face it, not being cautious when you sneeze can lead to a lot of problems with other people. When you sneeze into your hand and open a door with the same hand, numerous people are touching that door after you and picking up your germs. I hope you second guess yourself the next time you think about sneezing into your hands.


1 Comment

I think that this is a very good blog post to inform our science class about spreading germs. I don't know about everyone else but after hearing Andrew's lecture on spreading the whooping cough, I want every single person on this campus to be aware of how they are spreading germs. I know that I have had a cough that has lasted multiple weeks, and let me tell you, they are not fun. At all. What's even more annoying that a long cough, is getting the cold from some inconsiderate person who can't lift up their arm to prevent their germs from spreading to many people. I hope many people in our class read this blog post and put some thought into sneezing.

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