Sleeping in Makeup

The makeup us girls use basically everyday of our lives may not be as helpful as we all believe. Sure, it helps when it is on our face to cover up that acne, but once it is removed, it could be actually making it worse. Besides from wearing this makeup daily, sleeping in it can cause much more of a consequence then we would assume. The worst type of makeup is that with oils and fragrances in them, but sleeping in any type at all may not end very well. I know that I, myself, am guilty of sleeping in makeup as well. We all have those days that we are just too exhausted to remove our makeup and just decide to sleep how you are. 

In July of this year, Anna Purgslove decided to do her very own experiment involving sleeping without removing makeup; except she took it to an extreme. She went thirty days without removing her makeup and just reapplying more makeup over what she already had on. Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, a Cosmetic Dermatologist, took a look at Anna's skin after her experiment had been completed. First of all, she almost received an eye infection due to mascara-coated eyelashes getting caught in her eye as she was sleeping. Her skin also appeared ten years older, an effect that may have been permanent. 

"The biggest benefit of anti-aging products and procedures is the exfoliation and turnover of dead skin cells, which allows for renewed skin to emerge," he explains. "Adding makeup on top of makeup doesn't allow the skin to 'breathe'" -- which, in turn, can prevent skin from healing itself. 

Above is an excerpt from the article and a quote from Dr. Frank explaining why the effects happen as they do. Besides from affecting your skin in that way, it can also cause your skin to break out more. Your eyelashes may also became very damaged due to the mascara stuck onto the lashes which can result from just a few times of sleeping in makeup. It is not prescribed to sleep in any kind of makeup at all and to always remove it as soon as you can. As stated above, it is necessary for your skin to get a chance to breathe and have a break from makeup.

Yet, this experiment is not very comparative and it could also be interesting to see what the results would be if an individual was to go without makeup for thirty days. Would that result in an improvement in skin? It has been seen that by taking days off from wearing makeup, people do not have breakouts and there is the reduction of under eye circles along with smoother skin. The least amount of makeup worn, the better your skin will turn out. There is also always a chance that your skin may have a bad reaction to what is in that certain concealer you are using. Skin is very sensitive and makeup can have an effect of making your skin oily or actually pretty dry.

Makeup seems to have become such a prevalent part of society that not wearing makeup can be seen as not being a norm.
 Below is a before and after picture of Anna during this experiment: 

Most of the info retrieved from here.


I'm very weird about what I am putting on my face. I found that CoverGirl's Clean face make up works wonders. It has camphor in it which is a natural oil from the cinnamomum camphora tree. This oil is actually good for your skin and helps increase blood flow and treat infections. I wonder what would have happened if Anna used this makeup during her experiment. A lot goes into what she used. I'm definitely guilty of forgetting to take my makeup off before bed, but I try and buy makeup that doesn't ruin my skin in the first place. Try using CoverGirl's Clean. I swear my face looks better after I use it compared to other brands.

I've recently become very intrigued by make-up and skincare and found the experiment you discussed extremely interesting. Speaking from personal experience, I know I hate to be bothered with washing my face at night but after a few days of this, my skin begins to suffer. According to an article from The Huffington Post, sleeping in makeup causes your skin to cling on to dirt from the day and clogs your pores, resulting in acne. Read more of the effects of sleeping with make-up here,

My one friend ALWAYS sleeps with her makeup on, despite the fact that we all continuously tell her how bad it is! While it may not seem like it's a very big deal, it all adds up over time. According to this article:, it can age a woman TEN YEARS in just FOUR WEEKS! That's absolutely absurd, in my opinion... And can be easily avoided! It's important that women realize that what we see at the surface of our skin with makeup on has no correlation to what is happening to our skin underneath it all. Removing makeup is easy and only takes a few minutes, and it's clearly scientifically proven to help us in the long run.

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