I have never truly understood what the obsession with taking selfies by yourself...Honestly why do I want to upload a photo by myself I'd rather have my friends in it! I think it is especially strange when the picture ends up looking nothing like the person in real life. But  according to this site about women there are 7 valid reason for these uploads.


Number One: Show off your assets

Unlike a group photo you have control. One can control the lighting, the angle, what they're wearing, how their face looks, and whatever else to make them shine in the social media world. 

Number Two: Watch out world, here I am!

Posting selfies shows that you are comfortable with yourself and how you look and okay to flaunt it with a solo pic.

Number Three: Photoshop

No matter what you look like in this age you can do some simple clicks to make yourself look better; you don't want pimples in your photo use a filter that flatters you best. If you're the photographer you have the power of editing in your hands.

Number Four: It's Art

Selfies can be fun to take! You can get crafty with them where your selfie becomes almost like an art project.

Number Five: Profile Pictures

Social media sites were invited in a way for one to show case themselves. So someone with a selfie in their profile is actually doing it right, instead of people having to search through tags or group photos they can match a person name to face right away. This also seems to help people match ones name to face better.

Number Six: Online Dating

You want to show yourself off the the online world of single people so you want to make sure you are looking your best.

Number Seven: Sexy Can I

Taking a selfie allows you to also be as revealing as you want. No one said you have to post them so you could take sexy photos for you or the person you're in a serious relationship with. You may be surprised by how hot you can be when you're the center of attention in your own photo.

Image found: http://www.j-14.com/posts/20-hilarious-photos-of-stars-caught-taking-selfies-16808/photos/selfie-9-7629


I think we all fall victim to the selfie epidemic daily. While some people take all of these pictures because they are vain, many people need it as a confidence booster. I personally rake picture when I am bored! How about you?

Did you know that many people take a number of pictures because they need a confirmation for their self worth, self esteem and confidence. Check out this article I found below about this.


This is actually hilarious. I find that most of the girls on my friends list actually research how to take these selfies because they look a lot better in photos than in person, its also funny how guys nowadays are starting to become selfie takers on a daily basis. What has this world come to.
how to take a selfie broscience.

I think the reason why selfie's are so popular is because it is a big form of self expression. It allows the person to take a picture of themselves doing different things in different locations. It can also be seen as an act of vanity as some people could like looking at themselves a lot or something like that.

Baylee, interesting blog I feel like sometimes you have to take selfie's because sometimes you just want to feel beautiful or if your having a great day you want to let the whole world know. I feel like that is saving money why pay someone to take a picture if you can take it yourself?

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