Seeing is believing.


"Seeing is believing" is a saying that I'm sure a lot of us have heard many of times. I have a different look at the saying that may be a little different than most who have heard of it before.

What if every single person saw different colors. Let me explain, what if when we were growing up we were made to believe that certain colors to certain people were different colors to others? By that I mean that my mom could be teaching me what a red crayon looks like, however "red" to her might really be a different "red" to me. The reason why everyone might think that we all see the same exact colors is because we were always taught to believe that the wrong colors are the right colors. 

Just like when we hear different types of music and are attracted to certain types of music and not attracted to others, I think that this might be similar to colors. We were always taught what certain colors were because everyone seems to be in a consensus as to what color is what, however, we were never taught what types of music to like and that may be why we all have different opinions when it comes to music.

I think that this is might be a very difficult topic to put into words and might be hard to understand and I think that this article does a fantastic job into putting this topic into a different perspective. 

Something interesting I thought of involves colorblind people. Are color blind people really the color "smart" people? What if color blind people are the ones that don't fall into the belief of colors and catch the difference between different people? It would be interesting to live in a world where every single person saw a different color and knew they were all seeing different colors. 

This debate brings up many interesting topics to debate: if we are all seeing different colors then why are certain mixes of colors pleasing to most people? Is there a certain way to scientifically prove this? and many more that you might think of on your own.


Seeing is believing: I have heard of that before... actually many times, but I would have to disagree with that statement, because we believe in things that we are not seeing or able to see. Like air... it definitely exists and we have to have the air we could breathe on, therefore we believe in the air. But we can't see the air.
another one is God. and I know some of us don't believe in the existence of God, but many people in the world do; and human beings can't see God but we still believe in Him.

I remember the first time I heard this theory. It was in middle school, and it took me a few minutes to wrap my head around what my classmate was suggesting. It seems plausible to me, but I can't think of a scientfic way to prove it. I think it would be awesome if Andrew went over this topic in class. He would probably have a great lecture on it.

Here's a BBC article on the subject:

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