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In our generation, everyone is attached to their cell phones. In a recent class project that I did for my Telecommunications class, research showed that adults at the ages of 18-24 send on average 109.5 messages a day. That's quite a lot. But what was really interesting is that 55% of cell phone users go online to use their phone and 17% search something online rather than going on a computer. Even though it's easier to grab our phones to search it right then and there, you're connected way to much that it affects your sleep. That's right your sleep!

Whenever I go to sleep, I always go on my social media networks one last time just in case I see something super important! (Sarcasm people, it's rare that anything ever happens at 12 on a Monday night). I plug my phone in the outlet next to my bed and set my alarm to get up for class on my phone; bad idea! By having my phone next to me at all times of the night, and I check it right before bed, I'm losing sleep thinking about what's going on as I'm sleeping. 

study done by the US and Sweden found that radiation that comes from peoples' phones are "causing headaches and interrupting vital sleeping patterns." In the study, participants were exposed to 884 MHz and 38 out of 71 were affected.They had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. The scientists concluded that all the sleep that we need to recover from our daily activities were affected. 

Another study from the Lighting Research Center said that the LED screens on our electronics are causing melatonin suppression. Melatonin is the chemical in our body that controls our sleep. When staring at an electronic in a dark room for about 2 hours can suppress our melatonin about 22%. This was concluded by Mariana Figuerio, an associate professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where the Lighting Research Center is located.  

With both of these studies, it pretty much proves that we shouldn't sleep with our phones right next to us. We especially need to get as much sleep as possible by staying up late at night cramming for an exam, or making sure that we get a project done. Sleep is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and we can't have our GroupMe's keeping us up at night causing us to sleep text. Yes, sleep text is becoming a real thing. So, whenever you want to get a good night of sleep, charge your phone in another outlet away from your bed, and rest easy. Either that or invest in a good alarm. 



As a serious offender of whole not sleeping with your phone near you thing, reading this blog post, I am yet again reminded of how detrimental my pre-sleep phone habits can be to my rest. I’ve always tried to break this terrible habit but I always find it so hard to actually do! The evidence really does speak for itself because it truly shows how many drawbacks there are to spending time on your phone before bed and also leaving so near to you while you sleep. I found this article that claims that if you dim the light of your device and hold it a foot away from your face, you won’t be affected as gravely. However, I find it hard to believe that such simple measures can combat such severe effects.

Apparently a study has shown that a person’s melatonin level will only be affected if the device they are using is on its highest brightness setting. Based on your research and knowledge of this subject, would you agree with what this article is saying? Maybe its possible to maintain normal melatonin levels if the brightness is kept at a moderate level as opposed to an extreme one?

Much like you, I too am a victim of the "phone as a sidekick" disease. I can never really think of a time that my phone is not near me. I wasn't aware that our phones cause us to sleep worse. I just recently wrote a blog about sleep myself, and how important it is to have a healthy amount to be productive. While your blog made some great points, I was left wondering what I should do as an alternative. Like you, I use m phone as an alarm clock, a calendar, and a personal secretary that reminds me what I need to do, and where I need to be. I found an article that gives a few easy tips that create a compromise for us cell phone addicts. The article talks about how we shouldn't men should avoid carrying their phones in their pockets, what to do if we're on the phone for long periods of time, as well as a few other things.

I found this post very interesting and know that it is something nearly everyone can relate to, myself included. I know that every night after shutting the lights off, my roommate and I will lay in bed, on our phones, scrolling through Twitter and sending a few final texts for the evening. While I agree that it can definitely have an impact on sleep patterns (especially when you just can't stop refreshing Twitter!), I do not think this is the only cause, nor does it apply to everyone. Some nights, I will struggle to fall asleep, while other nights I will be out almost instantaneously. I too found the article that Dorisa linked to in her comment and began wondering if sometimes I simply have the brightness turned down and hold the phone farther from my face. This is definitely something I will think about when I'm laying in bed at night and can't sleep!

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