Running or the Elliptical?

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During my daily workout routine, I run on the treadmill and I spend a good amount of time on the elliptical. Both of these things, I found to be great cardio workouts. I always wondered which the better workout was. Some days I would be too tired to run, and I did not know if doing the elliptical for a longer amount of time would make up for my lack of running. All my friends had different opinions on this, which were usually bias. Some of my friends just did not like running, so they would say the elliptical is better just to make themselves feel better. I personally feel I get more tired when I run, this in my opinion making it a better workout.

After researching and looking at an article, I am able to draw some conclusions.  The treadmill could be better because it offers versatility. You can walk, speed walk, run, or do uphill sprints on them. There is also a wide range of options as far as incline and speed goes. The treadmill is also easy to use because it matches your body's natural movements. An elliptical, is not a natural movement that an individual would do in everyday life.

To continue, the tredmill requires you to really force and propel your body. Because your body is working harder than usual, you will begin to burn calories at a higher rate. As everyone already knows, running strengthens you. It strengthens many of your muscles, including your cardiac muscle. In the long run, this will help your aging process and keep you healthy. Treadmills are well researched and can be found at every gym. I feel because they are so common, they have to be effective.

On the other hand, running on the treadmill can cause many injuries, such as joint injuries. From personal experience, I have fell off a treadmill, it can be pretty dangerous. It is hard to keep up with your heart rate, because they handles we have to hold on to are unnatural for our body.

Some say that elliptical help create a running motion without putting major stress on the body. They also may be able to work your upper body, when holding onto the moving handles. There are many different strides, allowing you to work several different muscles.

In conclusion, elliptical are better to burn cardio, without putting a huge stress on your body. Treadmills are better if you are looking for a high calorie burn, or training workout.

Keep in mind personal factors such as:

-          Injury

-          Skill level

-          Age

-          Training program

-          Preference

I still prefer the treadmill because I personally do not have injuries and feel I can handle the tredmill. Although, at least I now know if I did use the elliptical only, it would still be a great workout. Hope this blog helps!


1 Comment

I don't love working out too much or going to the gym everyday. But, when I do I choose the elliptical. There are many reasons why but for me the main reason is because of me knees. I have really weak knees and running on a treadmill causes so much pain I can barely stand it sometimes. Some days are definitely better than others, but the elliptical provides just a little bit more support when I work out. I did some research and found an article on the Live Strong Fitness Blog titled Elliptical vs Treadmill. In this article, it discusses the benefits of exercising on an elliptical and treadmill, but it also touches on the downfalls of each. The articles also talks about choosing the correct elliptical or treadmill for your body, which I never thought of before. Running outdoors is probably the best decision because of different terrain changes and so on, but if you're running at the gym it is entirely up to you and your body which piece of equipment you choose.

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