Resistance Rising

In recent years a very serious and frightening problem which has been emerging are drug resistant diseases. These diseases have been evolving and adapting to become resistant to many antibiotics and treatments which once could be used to cure them. Recently  doctors have been looking towards the problem of multi-drug resistant TB. This form of tuberculosis has been emerging and is threatening to put back all of the progress which doctors have made towards controlling the disease.There are many problems with these drug resistant bacteria and they are growing in numbers while the cures are diminishing.

This is a growing problem in the world which is emerging due to the over use of drugs in people and livestock. It seems that we are approaching the point where we will begin to need new sources of antibiotics and other drugs to treat these diseases. However it is a problem of incentive because there are more profits to be made in the development of different types of drugs other than antibiotics. While doctors may gain so much progress in eradicating these disease all of their efforts could be countered if one day they find themselves with no working cure. I worry about the day that an extremely contagious and deadly bacteria emerges which is resistant to the drugs at our disposal.



I fell ill over the Summer, and visited the student health care center. After being diagnosed with sinusitis, I was sent back with two prescriptions and a urging from my doctor to try the non-antibiotic route of using salt-water cleansing via neti-pot. After a few days with no success, I was forced to return for the antibiotics, those of which cleared up my infection with ease in no more than a day or two.
Though the medicine allowed me to recover faster than the neti-pot, it is potentially detrimental to future generations. As you detailed, overuse of antibiotics occasionally spawns virulent strains immune to our current treatments. The sinusitis of tomorrow will no doubt be a more challenging foe, one that could make me regret my choice of taking the more invasive route.

This is a very scary topic to think about, it tends to be more common than it should be that diseases become resistant to certain antibiotics. I know for a fact this has happened to me, but just with simple cold medication because I tended to get sick a lot as I was younger (and still). The cost is abundant as antibiotics need to keep up the fast progression of disease. This is especially prevalent in environments such as a college dorm where once one person acquires a sickness, everyone is sure to get it in a certain amount of time. According to the CDC, "Each year in the United States, at least 2 million people become infected with bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics and at least 23,000 people die each year as a direct result of these infections." This is a very alarming fact and with everything we are hearing in class as well, diseases are very scary and the cures and preventative measures also have some risk. To read more visit:

i heard about this dealing with Penicillin. Apparently germs are becoming resistance to penicillin and other antibiotics. This is creating strains of supergerms that are resistant to medications. This is an interesting article on super germs.

This is a very serious topic. In February Congress Louise Slaughter raised awareness on bacteria resistance to antibiotics used in processing poultry and cow meat. Apparently, fighting off rapidly-evolving organisms, is a battle between species and it may take completely eradicating the Tuberculosis like how scientists did with smallpox in order for humanity to overcome this problem. Very sad news.

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