Let's be real, the title made you happy. If it didn't, I'm sorry you don't find puppies to be as cute as I do. I love animals, but especially dogs. I've had a dog since I was born and now that I don't have one I find myself wanting one more than ever. It could be because they say you always want what you can't have. But I think it's more than that. I believe dogs and pets in general, are great benefits to our lives.


Studies have found that pet owners are less likely to suffer from depression. I think pets can be really helpful for people who are going through a hard time because they are 'there' for them. My friend always tells me her dog knows when she's upset and as a result, her dog will lay with her in bed.

Pets are also helpful because they can alleviate stress. A study showed that when patients spent a short amount of time with a dog before an upcoming operation, they experienced a 37% reduction in anxiety levels. The dog distracted the patients from the reality they were going to face.

When it comes right down to it, they always say 'a dog is a man's best friend' and it's true. Dogs create a sense of closeness. Families were survey and said they felt happier after adding their pet to their family.  Pets can make people feel safer and allow pet owners to relax. They are always there to brighten your day and make you feel less lonely.

Dogs communicate really well and have great instincts. It goes back to my friend's dog. Dogs obviously don't know what tears are or what anger feels like but they can sense those emotions. They also can sense danger and recognize intruders, which is why they bark. Even though it's really annoying, barking may save your life one day.

Here are 11 real-life stories about pets who have saved people's lives. Like I said, I think animals have a better instinct of danger than humans do. My favorite story is the one about the Chihuahua saving an elderly woman simply by yipping and yapping. I know someone with a Chihuahua and I think they're super annoying with their so called bark, but now I know it's a bark that shouldn't be ignored all the time.


I actually completely agree with this entry. How can puppies not brighten up somebodies day? I love them and have always wanted one, except my mom wouldn't let me have one because my dad was allergic to it. Its also interesting how its proven that pet owners have less depression.

Its also awesome that there are many stories in which the pet saves the owners life.

Cutest thing ever

another person also wrote about this topic and I learned that pet therapy is beneficiary to many people and not just the patients. It also helps the pets owners who bring them to hospitals feel good about themselves. I believe this is because they are helping someone else's day become brighter and when people help others it makes them feel good.

Sara, I have also been itching to get another dog ASAP. I noticed last year when I went to college that my day to day routine and mood was thrown off without the presence of my dog each day. I was so thankful to come back home to her. Dogs really do provide an uplifting stress reliever to each day!

After reading your post I think you should really check out the "This Wild Idea" portfolio (http://thiswildidea.com). It's a compilation of a guy traveling with his rescue dog through pictures. Definitely see for yourself!

I first clicked on this because my thon committee is obsessed with puppies so I figured maybe this would teach me some new fun facts! You'd probably enjoy this: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mattbellassai/the-40-greatest-dog-gifs-of-2012-6z51

I think the direction you took in this was really interesting! One of my cousins is bi-polar and she has a dog because it helps her control her manic moods. Also horses can be used as therapy too!

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