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Kissing: something we all enjoy. But how did it start? Did two people just decide to bump faces one day? Why do we do it? This article says that kissing may have originated from mothers feeding pre-chewed food to their infants from mouth to mouth. Obviously it has come a long way since then. Nowadays we use kissing as a way to gauge a partner for potential as a mate and perhaps even a way to maintain a relationship.
One of the first topics that this and other articles cover is how men and women view kissing differently. Women see kissing as essential and as a means to assess mates and to monitor the status of a relationship. Most men, on the other hand, see kissing as just a means to an end. They kiss with the hope of getting some more later on.
In the chemistry aspect of a kiss, there are many things going on. The action of kissing releases dopamine and reduces the level of cortisol (a stress hormone). There are trace amounts of testosterone found in male saliva and when transferred to a woman's mouth by kissing over time, it may actually enhance her libido.
What do you think about this topic? Do you think kissing is an effective gauge to how a relationship will go?


I think that kissing can mean a number of things. I agree with you that woman use it as a way to find a mate. The article below talks about how women just get a sense from a first kiss. From there they can tell whether or not they will see that person again.

However, different kisses mean different things. The kisses that are most associated with relationships include a peck and a french kiss. A peck is more for newer relationships or ones neither of you are really sure of. A french kiss is where you can see if a relationship is going to go somewhere or not. Take a look at what the different kinds of kisses mean. It's interesting how far kisses can go.


The theory about kissing originating from mothers feeding their infants pre-chewed food is quite endearing. I found this article that acknowledges this belief and also a couple other ones about kissing starting as a religious act or even a way to share tobacco, which is a bit odd.


I feel as though kissing can be one of many, many ways to gauge a relationship but this article has a ton of different ways that can be used to evaluate whether or not the relationship you are in is a good one for you or not: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/19/31-ways-to-know-youre-in-the-right-relationship-advice_n_1608813.html

Not only is kissing good for gauging relationships, it also offers several health benefits. It burns calories, relaxes you, and strengthens the muscles in your face.
Here's a brief article about these benefits and why everyone should be smooching more.http://www.rd.com/advice/relationships/5-benefits-of-kissing/

I think kissing it extremely important in any relationship. For everyone a kiss is something different, but for me I think it is definitely a way to gauge the current relationship. Decades ago, over 90% of cultures practiced this custom of kissing to show emotional and how one felt about another. I think this still remains true today. When there is honest chemistry between two people this is the best way to express how you feel about them. In the article titled, The Kiss, it discusses how ages ago the kiss meant as much as it does to people now, if not more.

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