PMA. Have you ever heard of this? This is something I first heard of a couple of years ago thanks to MLB pitcher CJ Wilson.

"A positive mental attitude is the starting point of all riches, whether they be riches of a material nature or intangible riches." - Napoleon Hill

Positive Mental Attitude is "a mindset that helps to dictate a way of life in which you create the future you want to live into.  It's a way of being focused on what you want in a way that encourages yourself and those around you to be the best you can be."

Positive thinking may lead to positive outcomes in life. It doesn't mean that every situation is good, but it allows for people to look for solutions and ways to improve, rather than dwell on the negatives that can't be changed. PMA lets people exercise a better attitude towards things that may not be ideal. It is easier to be mad and hope things resolve themselves, but that also causes stress. Positive thinking allows people to see things in a more approachable way and encourages to strive for better things. Being negative only runs you down and makes you feel like you the world is closing in on you when in reality, you are closing every door for yourself.

Wilson says ""If you have a positive mental attitude, then you can be positive for your teammates and kinda really get together [as a team] in that regard. If you're negative, you're usually by yourself in a corner and you need someone like me to give you a high five and tell you everything is going to be OK." For average Joes like us this could translate to when we wake up in the morning and we smile instead of groan because we'd rather sleep; it affects how we go on about the rest of the day.

People who tend to look at the glass half empty rather than full:

·         Are at risk of bad health

o   "Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison studied people with high levels of brain activity in a region linked to negative thoughts. Those with the highest activity levels responded worse to a flu vaccine."

o   Have higher risks of heart conditions

o   Stress more

o   Depressed more

·         "In 2000, Mayo Clinic researcher Toshihiko Maruta, M.D., published a 30-year study of 839 patients, indicating a pessimistic view was a risk factor for early death, with a 19 percent increase in the risk of mortality."


It's hard to be positive when it seems that everything is going wrong, but seeing things through a different light can affect not just you, but those around you too! Some say to surround yourself with positive people and that you are who you associate with. Well if you are Negative Nancy because of your own problems, you could be dragging down someone else's mentality too without even meaning to.

I have personally adopted this way of thinking and I can honestly say it makes my days go better. What is the point of being mad that I failed an exam when I clearly can't do anything about it now? I can only look forward and look for ways to improve for the next one. Same goes for my personal life. Instead of being upset that I can't just go shopping every day, I look at the positive and think of all the money I am saving. That fat bank account will soon enough book me a trip to the beach and that will definitely make me think of positive warm thoughts!

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Such a great topic choice! People are so unaware of how much their mentality can affect their overall well-being. Being negative seriously does affect people not only psychologically, but biologically as well. It's best to surround yourself with positive people who don't bring your head down because if you're working hard to stay positive, you might as well spend time with others who have the same beneficial intentions.

I love this post! I really do believe that a positive mentality can help you. I've always noticed that when I'm in a positive mood - things just seem to work out. Exuding negative energy always brings everyone around you down, and usually just ends up ruining your day.

I also remember reading a few articles, years ago about people who managed to beat terminal diseases, like cancer, with (possibly?) positive attitudes! Unfortunately while I was researching that, I came across this article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-489031/The-power-positive-thinking-help-won-t-beat-cancer.html

It talks about a study conducted on 1093 cancer patients - the study concluded that the EWB (emotional well-being) had no effect on the outcome of the patients (live/die). While this is unfortunate, it still doesn't completely rule out the possibility of positive thinking helping! Also, it really can't hurt!

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