Pimples?!?! EWWW!

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Don't you just hate waking up to start a new day and discovering those ugly blemishes and pimples on your face?! I know I sure do! We all can agree that on days where our sporadic pimples are at their finest we just want to stay locked in our room. If some of us aren't that dramatic we still go out having a complex that people are staring right at our bumps. So exactly where do pimples come from? What triggers them? According to Ezine Articles pimples come from our oil glands and skin block our pores and trap dead skin on the inside. The clogged skin cells attract bacteria which causes the swelling and redness of our pimples. On the contrary Science AAAS illustrated a study that took place revealing that some bacteria actually help fight against acne.

            In the study they took swabs of bacteria from the noses of 101 people 49 had acne and 52 of the participants had clear skin. What they found was the participants with the clear skin had strains of bacteria living in their pores that actually fought against bacteria. They have hopes of including these particular bacteria in acne medicine to help fight against pimples. On average over more than 80% of Americans suffer from skin conditions such as pimples, cyst and inflamed skin. Although we can't fully avoid acne there are ways to prevent it from occurring such as washing your face twice a day with a cleanser, benzoyl peroxide can also help reduce blemishes. Be sure to stay away from soaps and exfoliating cleansers because they can dry out and irritate your skin.

            You may be wondering "how can I treat my pimples?" There are multiple ways to prevent pimples. One of the most important ways is to refrain from picking at them. I am guilty as charged because I do it all the time. Picking at them can cause scarring as well as spread the bacteria that caused the pimple. Make sure to keep hair out of your face and avoiding touching your skin as well. As clean as we may think our hands are there are still some underlying bacteria on our hands. Also try using all natural products as well. Remember acne isn't forever, it can be treated.


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Acne is a problem suffered by pre-adolescents, teenagers, and even adults. The struggle to keep a face blemish free seems to be the goal of all of society. I read the article experimenting the 101 participants in the hopes to identify the specific bacteria that causes pimples. I am glad I continued to read the article because what the researchers found is quite fascinating. The researchers found a number of different strains of the microbe, including a strain that had never been identified before. The researchers were also able to link certain strains with the type of skin (clear or acne). Both of these abilities can help them further establish a fighting mechanism against bacteria and ultimately acne.

Your tips for treating pimples is useful. Now I'd like to discuss how diet effects the increase of acne, and what you can do to avoid these foods. Typically, we are all used to hearing chocolate, sugars and fats heighten acne levels, but scientists are pulling away from this idea. A study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says that high glycemic index foods and dairy products link the connection between diet and acne. Researchers say although direct causation may not exist, it certainly aggravates it. Foods high in glycemic index are difficult to categorize, so here is a list.

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