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I love to draw. I love to draw anywhere and on anything. I I'm bored I usually draw with pen on my hand. Recently I've been trying to draw this cool looking arrow on the side of my hand. One day my friend told me that if I liked it so much I should get it tattooed on. I told her I would never get any tattoos. That's when she told me that I should try the "Sharpie Tattoo". Confused I asked her what that was. She told me that you could draw or write whatever you wanted on your skin. Then you put baby powder over it, and then spray with hair spray. She said that it should stay on for a month! I liked the idea that it could be there for a while, but not forever. I was very curious if it's safe. 


After some research I found that Sharpies makeup is non toxic. But that of course if applying to the fact that Sharpie was not created for cosmetic use, but for on paper and materials, not the body. The chemicals in Sharpie are  n-propanol, n-butanol, diacetone alcohol & cresol. The "n-propanol" is considered safe enough to be used in cosmetics but other than that, the others may contain a makeup that could be harmful and cause health effects. 


The issue is that there is three different type Sharpies that are made up of different chemicals. The King / massive sized Sharpie the Touch-Up Sharpie and the Magnum Sharpie all contain xylene which can be very harmful to the body if it ever was put into the blood stream. It is possible for the chemical to cause potential nervous system and organ damage , but still unsure of the extent . 

From personal experience the Sharpie tattoo was a pretty unsuccessful experience for me. The tattoo did not last for the whole day and It washed off rather quickly. As for the safety side of this whole fad, through my research I found that over all it is safe, in means that you are not consistently suffocating your skin with the Sharpie tattoo formula and are not using the "King Size" or "Massive sized Sharpie" due to its controversial chemical components ! If you are really interested in the tattoo I would suggest actually getting a permanent ink tattoo or temporary tattoos from the local store! Sharpie products are not designed for cosmetic use, therefore could result in unwanted results. The "non-toxic" label on the marker is intended for the use of the product aka NOT SKIN. The warnings on the marker are mainly for inhalation, but maybe they might have to rethink this warning now that Sharpie tattoos are all the rage. 


I had a friend in elementary school who fell asleep with a sharpie under his nose and woke up high. I am wondering if the color of the sharpie has different chemicals that would cause a different skin reaction. Also do permanent ink tattoos have an effect on your skin? Is getting a permanent ink tattoo actually safer than using sharpie? Heres a link that talks about tattoos and skin: (
Also… should I get this on my arm?

I liked reading your article! I draw on myself, pin a lot of tattoos to my pinterest, but I would never want the commitment of a permanent tattoo. I remember hearing people say not to draw on yourself because ink is poisonous if it gets into your bloodstream. I would predict sharpie ink has more chemicals in it and therefore be more harmful. This article explains the composition of ball point pen ink just in case anyone has eaten some recently and is worried

Also, this is a neat website that I came across with cool temporary tattoos and even a section for custom temporary tattoos.

Sharpie Markers may last for some time, but they cause more harm than they do good. I was reading through this question and answer about Sharpie Markers being non toxic. They are non toxic for the things they're supposed to be used for; such as paper, windows, notecards, etc.. Sharpie Markers weren't made to put on your skin. If you're anything like me, you get a weird rash when too much sharpie is on my skin. Something in my body doesn't like it. Those types of chemicals soak into your bloodstream and can eventually cause liver and kidney damage. Be careful with what you put on your body!

Apparently, if soaked through the bloodstream and into your skin, Sharpie marker ink can cause damage to your liver, kidney, and/or brain and can even cause birth defects. Given how severe the effects of this can be, I'm shocked that people are not more aware of the dangers of drawing on yourself with Sharpie markers. I know I certainly wasn't aware. This is also especially shocking because mostly it's mostly youth who use the Sharpies to give themselves tattoos and they probably have no clue how badly their body could react to them continuously using the markers on their skin.

Interesting blog post! I've seen people or have been around people in class who constantly draw little figurines and marks on their skin but didn't know that it could actually have negative health effects. Personally, reading this made me wonder if tattoos had serious health risks. My mom and I both got tattoos this summer, a bucket list item we had been wanting to do for awhile. I knew nothing terrible could happen (we picked a clean and safe tattoo shop) but was I wrong? This article from the FDA titled, "Think Before You Ink" discusses risks such as allergic reactions, unwanted scaring and possible infection. Read more here,

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