Not drinking alcohol could shorten your life!

Yeah, I was shocked too! With everything we know about alcohol you would think that shyingaway from it would help rather than hurt but according to a new study, led by psychologist Charles Holahan at the University of Texas, regular drinkers are less likely to die early than those who rarely/never drink.
The study spanned a 20 year period, had many controls, and looked at people ranging in ages from 55-65. It accounted for variables ranging from socioeconomic status to the participants level of physical activity. The actual results were as follows; mortality rates or those that had never consumed alcohol at all were highest, then came theheavy drinkers, and then the participants with the lowest mortality rates were the moderate drinkers (one to three drinks per day). 
One possible explination given for why this happened is because alcohol can be a great social lubricant thus creating an easy way for the participants who classified as moderate drinkers to maintain a good mental and physical health. While in comparison, nondrinkers are known to be more prone to show greater signs of depression. Also moderate drinking of beverages like red wine is also proven to increase heart health.  
This study shows that alcohol isn't bad for you. Obviously we all know it isn't the best thing in the world but like all good things it has proven itself to be great in moderation. 


I was surprised when i saw the title of your post, but i guess that it makes sense. People who drink tend to be more social and live happier healthier lives because of it. I found this article that shows how people who are happy live longer. I think these things go hand in hand.

I find it pretty hard to believe that a moderate drinker is considered to be someone that has 1-3 drinks per day. I don't know about you but I don't know many people that drinking that much everyday. I think that there are a few holes in this research because it says that it makes people more social, however I think that the moderate drinkers are those that like to have a drink at the end of the day to relax and unwind, and I don't think much socializing is going on with a beer in your hand in front of Sportcenter or a glass of wine in front of House Hunters. I think that this study should have also looked at what happened to the people that drank and say if there was any type of disease or anything because even though they didn't die they might have developed some health problems.

I liked your post and it made me wonder what the specific benefits were. I did some research and found that moderate consumption of alcohol is beneficial for the cardiovascular system, as well as reducing the risks of strokes and diabetes. However, it is frequently difficult to drink moderately for many people, so it is important not to drink excessively none the less.

Just because something can help you in moderation does not mean it's "good" for you. Many alcoholic beverages are very high in calories, and once one drinks enough alcohol to get drunk, their chances of doing something dangerous increase. Chocolate has been found to be healthy in moderation, but we all know too much chocolate consumption can make you gain weight.

It is well known that a glass of red wine every day can increase your heart health, but this does not extend to all forms all alcohol. Here's a great article on what too much alcohol can do to you:

I wouldn't call something that can increase my risk of getting cancer if I ate too much "good" for me. Carrots won't do that, alcohol will.

This post was a little surprising to me. It's weird to think that people who do not drink could have a shorter life span than people who do drink. In a way this makes sense to me because my grandpa loves to drink and yet he is one of the healthiest people I know. He is almost 80 now and acts like he is twenty years younger. It always amazes me. This article suggests that people who do not drink are more likely to be depressed than those that do drink. This article states that the best thing to do is drink in moderation because you get to socialize and it has the lowest morality rate.,9171,2017200,00.html


After reading the title of your blog I couldn't help but read the entire thing. I can't help but question this scientific study because I thought it is well known that alcohol does more harm then good for your body and health. I've been to four sessions of BASICS, I can attest to that.
I think the study shows reverse causation in that the people who may be healthier and live happier lives may be inclined to drink and go out more. The people who are depressed may not. I think it is hard to find substantial evidence from this study because there are too many other factors that can be influencing their well being. I do not think it's alcohol per say.

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