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The thought of loosing your hair drives many people ballistic. Many people have tried to come up with treatments that help people regrow hair, but does anyone really know the actual cause of hair loss? Hats have been one of the sources that people report cause hair loss but this proved to be a false positive result because in reality they have nothing to do with people losing their hair.


            Many people think that because a hat blocks off airflow to one's hair follicles their hair will start to break off. In reality as we become older our hair follicles shrink. "The result is hair that begins to develop abnormally causing lighter, finer, and shorter hairs. In the end, the hair falls out, never to return".

            So what actually causes hair loss? There are "two known pathways that seem to mediate this process": Testosterone and hereditary genes. 'When testosterone is aided by an enzyme (type 2 5-alpha reductase) which lies in hair follicle oil glands, it turns into DHT and begins to bind to the androgen receptors. Once there, it shrinks the follicle, over time". This biological finding provides truth into why men experience more balding than women; because their testosterone levels are much higher.

            Genes play another factor in the balding process. An observational study proved that the balding characteristic is carried on chromosome 20. Now the balding pattern is neither dominant nor recessive but it is additive, so "Men with one affected copy were 3.7 times as likely to show early hair loss, and those with two copies were 6.1 times as likely". So these findings go to show that before you blame your hair loss on various myths first blame your testosterone levels and then embrace your inner teenage kid and blame your parents. 



I think that this a very interesting blog post because as I enter my twenties I have noticed that my hairline is slowly and sadly beginning to recede. whats even more concerning to me is when I see people my age that have a noticeable receding hairline, unlike mine which isn't bad at all. Being that I'm not a hair expert nor a scientist, I did have a hard time understanding exactly what your paragraph about testosterone with all of those big words. I would be interested to finding out if scientists can manipulate that to make hair grow or hair not grow. That would be an awesome discovery, especially for middle-aged men.

Baldness is hereditary to some degree, but what I find interesting is that it is generally not from your father. For example the best determining factor is whether your mother's father is bald.

Its actually interesting that there is a hereditary gene where people just lose hair, no matter the age. I actually have many friends where they will end up going bald before their thirties. I also heard that stress might be a reason for hair loss, is that proven? I know stress and age cause white hairs, or is that not a proven fact as well?

Laura, I find this article to be interesting because I hate the thought of when I get older I will possibly not have a thick set of hair However, I think your genes have to play a big part too because I know some older people that have a full set of hair, the only thing is that the color changes to grey? Quick question do you know the reason behind why when you get older your hair turns grey?

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