New Diet Plan: Chili Peppers and Living in Alaska

A new study shows that consuming chili peppers and being in cold temperatures may aid in weight loss.

Brown fat cells apparently burn energy rather than store it, in opposition to white fat cells. Takeshi Yoneshiro from Hokkaido University claims that brown fat cell activity can be induced in people who have no brown fat cells, and the study is the first to prove this information. There is huge debate over brown fat cells because they can be manipulated to create anti-obesity drugs.

In the study, the scientists exposed eight people with little/no brown fat cells to moderately low temperatures, ranging to around 17 degrees Celsius, for 2 hours over a 2 week span, and people who went about their daily lives. By the end of the study, the exposed group had 5% less body fat and happened to burn more energy when in the cold in further situations. 

The same type of experiment occurred with chili peppers, and the exposed group burned more energy, but did not lose any body fat. The experiment might suggest that capsinoids, which are found in the chili pepper, might have white fat cell burning traits.

Other studies done in the past reveal information that people who eat capsinoids have a faster breakdown of fat levels. Talks about it being turned into a drug will show effects such as keeping healthy slim, rather than making obese people lose weight.  

In my opinion, I feel like spicy foods have metabolism-boosting effects, so it makes sense that chili peppers can help burn fat. As far as cold temperatures go, I would never assume that 17 degrees Celsius can help people lose weight so drastically. Based off the title, I assumed that you would need to constantly live in below freezing temperatures to see any effect. I also thought that people who tend to live in hotter temperatures would be more prone to losing weight, seeing as they are always sweating and moving around, burning more energy. It's interesting to see how assumptions can be proven wrong through simple scientific studies.

With this new information, will you be eating any chili peppers today?



I'm gonna be honest with you, I was pretty skeptical of the fact that cold weather helps in weight loss. I've heard all my life that people who live in warmer climates are healthier. I was looking up articles and almost all of what I found confirmed what you said above. Despite the nice weather year-round in some places, people don't seem to take advantage of that as much as they probably should. In a short article I found, it discusses how sweating to lose weight isn't exactly the most effective way to become skinner. You just lose water weight and constantly sweating can obviously lead to dehydration. In cold temperatures, your body has to work to keep itself warm which in return burns more calories. It seems like now a days everyone is concerned about looking their best and everyday it just seems like there are more and more things that effect our body image. What's going to be next?

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