Nervous? These Foods Will Calm You Down!

So you have a huge test tomorrow, and your freaking out?  What do you do besides study?  You are desperate for something to calm your nerves.  Well, there are certain types of foods that are proven to calm your nerves to make that all-nighter a bit less stressful.  Shockingly, eating some off these foods "minimizes the amount of time and energy it spends on anabolic mode" (Natural News, 2013).  On the list of many foods to eat, one of my favorites would have to be bananas which are also great to protect yourself from muscle cramps.  This is only one of the
many great foods that you can consume in order to calm your nervous system.  Other food choices consist of:

Many people will ask how these foods calm one's nerves, and each product does something different.  Let's use herbal tea to explain the wonderful side effects of the delicious drink.  Green tea has amino acids that "relieve anxiety by boosting the brain's production of mood stabilizing chemical" (Primal Health 2013). The products we consume effect our brain immediately and effect our emotions.

There are so many tactics to make our lives less stressful, but then one surprised me.  What do you guys do that is uncommon to make your lives easier or less stressful?  The products we consume effect our brain immediately and effect our emotions.



I like this topic! I love food, hate studying and anything that can make me a bit less stressed always helps. Luckily I love all five of the things you listed and they're all good for you, too! While most people say they didn't start drinking coffee until they got to college, I still don't like coffee but I did recently start drinking tea now that I'm here! It really is relaxing and tastes great plus there is such a variety of teas. I'm curious as to what this "mood stabilizing chemical" is that green tea boosts the production of and whether that chemical is always released when we do calming things like go for a walk or take a bath. I do find it interesting that bananas calm your nervous system but I guess I can be glad now that I almost always ate a banana before track and cross country races in high school. Here's a site showing 40 ways to relax in 5 minutes or less and many of them I use:
Chewing gum is on the list which is something I constantly do to calm down while studying or relax while taking a test.

I wish I had known this last night when I was stuck in the library studying! This was all very interesting to me and I will definitely try eating these foods next time I'm really stressed. I was curious about how dark chocolate helps relieve stress so I looked into it and found a very intriguing article on about it. Since stress messes with the chemical balance in your body, a piece of dark chocolate can essentially repair that, causing you to feel more relaxed. Studies show that regulating dark chocolate into your diet could possibly help you beat stress in the future as well!

Great blog post Jesse! I never knew those products calmed our nerves. I literally eat/drink at least one of those things on an everyday basis, so that's really cool to know. After seeing almonds on the list I just opened my container of cinnamon ones, yumm. :) Maybe I'll actually be able to fall asleep soon now! Thank you!

Here's a similar website for the ladies:

This is very interesting! I know many people who eat these foods when they are stressed or upset. I don't think they are aware that these foods are known for calming nerves, I think they just eat it because they are craving and it makes them feel better. I personally am a huge fan of green tea and I always drink it so that may have something to do with the fact that I am a relatively calm person.

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