NaTuRaL sEleCtIoN: Men vs Women

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gender.jpegA woman typically images the ideal mate as a partner with a taller height than her, however that is not always a possible case. The battle over height can be explained by the genes of men and women, tied to sexual conflict built in our DNA. 

Dr. Gert Stulp researched the competitiveness occurring between men and women height. His research describes how despite our technological advances, natural selection is a never ending mechanism for humans. To support, Stulp found evidence of sexual conflict currently storming the DNA of the human race. He explains the reasons these tensions arise are because men and women are subject to different selection pressures. 
Before reading the article, I had never known shorter women are more fit to reproduce as are tall men more fit to reproduce. This difference in selection pressure for human height between the genders for a better, more successful reproducing family is the bottom line to creating the sexual conflict. Short parents tend to produce short daughters and sons. This is only beneficial to the daughters (short females produce more children). However, the ultimate combination of reproduction, a short female and an average size male have the most children their genes are passed on the most. 

To conclude, this finding could create the correlation that 
  1. shorter families are more successful at reproducing because of the females
  2. families of average height are more successful at reproducing because of the males
This occurs because a particular trait (being short or average height) acts as both an advantage to one sex and a disadvantage when presented to the other.

When dealing with genes and DNA, experiments are random as can be. If only we could modify our gene make up to create the perfect offspring. (But then this wouldn't be life!)

1 Comment

I have also heard that it is very healthy gene-wise to mate with someone of different race/ethnicities. For instance, a white male and a black female will have a baby with superior genes. This is also said to be true with dogs in the sense that cross-bred dogs actually have better genetics than pure-breeds.
Here is another blog site where people are discussing this topic:

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