My beloved Ice-cream will never do such a thing!


Can you truly tell me that you don't like ice-cream? (unless you're one of lactose intolerant people...) I know ice-cream makes me gain weight, I still can't live without ice-cream. Yes, I spend most of my meal points at the creamery. As we talked about things that cause cancer in class, I became really curious. Especially after we said if the trial was well-constructed, it would be very strong evidence that ice-cream consumption could increase risk of lung cancer. Could my beloved ice-cream really kill me? 

I could not find any studies that state that ice-cream causes lung cancer; however, unfortunately, I did find some cases that suggest that it may cause breast cancer and pancreatic cancer. 

According to this article, Breast cancer patients who eat cheese, yogurts or ice cream could HALVE their chances of survival, eating a diary product a day could deter breast cancer patients from surviving. Scientists from the Kaiser Permanente research centre in California surveyed 1,500 women diagnosed with breast cancer between 1997 and 2000; the researchers had their subjects complete "questionnaires on how often they consumed dairy products, the sizes of portions and what specifically they ate." The most common dairy food that they had were "ice cream, yogurts, cheese, full-fat lattes and hot chocolates." From the results, "the scientists found that those who ate just one portion of one of these products a day were 50 percent more likely to die from the illness within 12 years".  "US scientists suspect this is because milk and other dairy foods contain the hormone Oestrogen, which encourages tumor growth". 

In another article,ICE CREAM & THE PANCREAS, a study from Journal of the National Cancer Institute, "researchers found an association between the consumption of monounsaturated and saturated fat from animal products and pancreatic cancer. Red meat and dairy products such as ice cream, milk, butter and cheese were singled out in the study as being of particular concern." The researchers say that even though ice-cream is delicious, "eating large amounts of it increase your risk for developing pancreatic cancer." 

So, do you guys think ice-cream could be a correct conclusion and direct causation to various cancers? It sure seems plausible, but I still, personally, want to believe that it could somehow be false negative or there is some third variable. And, there is! Well, there sure are many other variables, but I found one of many. This article reports "a Chinese chain producing ice-cream cones has been using paper wrappers which have been found to contain excessive amount of fluorescent agents and bleaching chemicals that can cause cancer". It suggests that ice-cream itself might not be the cause, but the container might be. 

Doesn't that somehow sound more plausible? I might slightly be misleading myself and wanting to believe that ice-cream is not the cause :) 

So, what sounds the most plausible idea to you?


It makes me so sad to hear that one of my favorite things could be more harmful than just causing someone to gain a couple pounds! I love ice cream, especially creamery ice cream. It's insanely hard not to get it with just about every meal when it's right in front of you and a part of the meal plan in dining halls. It's interesting because one of my best friends used to always drink so much milk because she said it would make her boobs grow and I suppose that logic came from the fact that it contains estrogen. The article here: explains how estrogen works and how it can be harmful when it stimulates cell proliferation in the breasts and uterus. This increases the risk of developing breast or uterine cancer. I still feel like you would have to be consuming a ridiculous amount of ice cream or dairy products for that to happen. The wrapper idea seems a bit more likely when it comes to ice cream "causing" pancreatic cancer. Either way I'm probably not going to stop eating ice cream...

I love this article Yoon! I think its so interesting that cheese and yogurts could cause cancer. Do cheese and yogurt companies know this and if so do you think they have the ability to "take out" the cancer causing ingredients without altering the true taste?

I can somewhat understand ice cream. It is a junk food after all, and junk foods have been shown to have minimal positive effects on the body. When the study says that eating large amounts of it can cause cancer, what is considered a "large amount"? Do you think as time goes on and more preservatives and ingredients become available more and more foods such as ice cream will have the potential to cause cause us to almost get to the point where we say, "What foods DONT cause cancer?"
Here are a few things to start to look out for in battling cancer early!

I believe that there are absolutely third variables involved. I have not heard of a cancer, specifically, being caused by ice cream consumption. And if there was a case due to solely ice cream, I think the demand for ice cream would be significantly low.

Dairy Products in general have been linked to an increased risk of prostate cancer. This is generally believed to be due to the high calcium content which upsets the balance of Vitamin D in the body. Studies show that consuming excess of 2.5 servings of dairy a day is linked to an increased prostate cancer risk of 12%, which is quite high.

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