Music and Productivity

Everybody loves listening to music. Some people like do nothing and listen to music and others like to listen to music while they are doing work. This article discusses how listening to music while at work or doing work can help improve productivity. The article talks about a study done with information technology specialists. The study found that those who listened to music while working got their work done faster than those who did not listen to music. The reasoning for this was that music helps improve the worker's mood, which helps with their productivity. However, the study showed that this benefited those who were moderately skilled at their jobs the most. The music had little to no effect for the experts and those new to the jobs found the music to be distracting.This article here talks about how even though music can help productivity with some things, there are other things that music makes worse. For instance, a 2010 study shows that when trying to remember new information music makes it worse. The study also discovered that if you listen to music before doing work it can help improve your mood and help with getting the task done. It is very interesting how music can help increase productivity with somethings but can also distract the listener. I usually listen to music when I am doing homework. I also find it helpful to listen to music when I am doing homework in my dorm room with my friends in the room. If it is true that music can be distracting when doing some forms of work, I imagine it is a better trade off than the distraction that your friends can cause. 


Music makes people happy. It's a pretty basic observation that I don't think takes much to prove. Then in return, happy people are more likely to get things accomplished and be more productive, instead of sad people who are bogged down by unhappy thoughts, which can hinder their productive capability. This article really delves into music and how it can actually make kids smarter, specifically those who have a musical education background. One of it's main points is how music education has no real age limits and within a group, excellence is expected, since you are responsible for a certain part. Definitely check it out, it is worth the read.

I definitely agree that music can help you with your work. I ALWAYS listen to music when I have to do work. (Un)Surprisingly this can sometimes include reading a textbook for me. I know that whenever I was doing homework in high school my parents would always suggest, before anything else, my racket of a music to help me concentrate but I always insisted that it helped. I would almost use it as white noise to block out whatever else was going on in my house.

I actually did a test for something similar to this in psychology. I had my family try to memorize a sheet of words in a minute. Once with music of their choice and once without. In all but one case the music actually made it worse. According to the study in your article though it would suggest that they did worse because they were trying to remember new information, and therefore did poorly.

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