Men Walk Slower When They're With Someone They Love

According to a new study out of the Seattle Pacific University, men walk slower when they're walking next to a significant other. Physical distinctions between the two genders allow the typical male to have a naturally quicker walking pace. Because of this, either the man or the woman must change their speed when they happen to be walking together, and the university found that men slow down more often. 

The scientists studied the walking speed of eleven women and eleven men as they walked around a track alone, with a friend of the same sex, opposite sex, and a significan other. When they compiled the data, researchers found that men significantly slow down their pace, but only if the woman is their significant other. Men did not significantly change pace for a friend, even if it was a woman, and women only slightly changed pace when walking with their partner. 

When examining he results, researchers came to the conclusion that the evidence can be traced back to a biological explanation. They believe that men are willing to take on an energy burden in order to preserve the woman's reproductive system. This pattern of behavior probably dates back to when humans belonged to hunter-gatherer societies where walking longer distances at a faster pace would have had a greater chance of harming a woman's ability to conceive. 



I never heard that walking faster would affect a woman's ability to conceive. Sure, if you exercise too heavily there is a chance you will experience changes in your menstrual cycle, but this article actually recommends that women do moderate exercise, especially brisk walking, if you want to increase your chances of conceiving.

This study is basing its hypothesis on evolutionary history, so it's looking at human behavior from millions of years ago. At that time, when humans were migrating thousands of miles, walking too far under treacherous conditions could harm the ability to conceive. That isn't the case when it comes to exercises today. Yoga isn't going to hurt your chances of conceiving.

Wow, never really thought about this one, however I can definitely relate in the fact that I never tell my slow walking girlfriend to pick up the pace. I feel like as much as this may be biologically explainable it is also a respect thing. Someone you care about you would be less likely to rudely ask them to pick up the pace, you just sacrifice the speed. Hey, do you ever tell your grandparents to pick up the pace? But anyway, here's what TIME magazine has to say on the topic

Haha I can relate to the slow walking girlfriend subject, but you're right: it definitely has a lot to do with caring about the other person. That, and she would be none too happy if I was just dragging her around all the time...

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