Who blows your mind at the gym? For me it's the abnormally large meatheads slinging six plates like it's no big deal. Humorously enough, I find that that crowd of 'meatheads' can be almost pinpointed into their very own demographic; high ego, walks around with a chip on their shoulder, always looking pissed off and continuously getting bigger. At the same time, there are much smaller kids that put in the same amount of time, eat solid diets, yet they can't get the continuous gains that these bigger meatheads do. This is just my observation, but is there anything that actually correlates why this is, if it even is a thing?

                First of all I want to take a look at how muscles grow. I'm going to stick to talking about males because, well, in general that's who tries to gain muscle growth in their workouts. Obviously, in order to obtain growth in muscles you need to work out. The stress on the muscle is why the body adapts and in turn, grows, so that in the future it will be able to withstand the exercise. When a male is working out, say lifting weights, he's actually breaking down the muscle fibers. After the exercise the body needs to repair the muscle and also try to make it stronger than before. The pituitary gland sends a message to the testicles saying to release testosterone for the muscles and tell them to retain protein so that it can be used to rebuild the damaged muscle fiber. Hence why gym goers tend to consume protein after their workouts.

Take a deeper look into muscle growth:

                Larger, angrier, 'meathead' type people usually have higher testosterone which is why they are the way they are. Smaller people are contrarily similar. (Check out the effects of high or boosted testosterone here: Therefore I can confidently say that the higher testosterone is the reason the bigger guys steadily get better gains because the testosterone is basically the driving force behind muscle growth.

                But what if a guy with lower testosterone decides to raise his testosterone levels by taking a test-booster? If a determined man with low testosterone increases his testosterone he will indeed begin to see himself getting gains. This occurs because extra testosterone equals extra messages to the muscles and therefore more protein retention. Seems like a great idea for anyone who's been having trouble gaining mass. BUT, what's going to happen when he stops taking the testosterone boosting supplement? Because there was extra testosterone being given to his body he will begin to naturally produce less on his own. So when he stops taking the supplement, it's likely that he will have a lower testosterone count than when he started. I wonder what effects this would have. I've chosen to not explore record cases and infer on my own what may happen. I think that stopping the extra testosterone supplement and returning to normal activity that the person would begin to feel very lethargic and notice that no more gains are coming his way. What do you think? 


I too am dumbfounded by these "meatheads" in the gym. I mean its almost as if they live in the weight room in relation to how much muscle mass they have. I never thought of their mass correlating with their testorone levels though. This theory actually makes sense. My question is whether or not it is healthy to artificially boost ones testorone levels though. I mean its a natural hormone that occurs in the body but can it effect a person's mood or biological body?

I think that you make some good points in your post, but I would also question a couple of things. Although having higher testosterone can definitely have an effect on having bigger muscles and being a meathead, we have to think of a couple of things. If those meatheads stopped going to the gym and working out, the odds are that they would simply turn fat. In contrast, if the guy with much leaner muscle and a smaller build were to stop working out, they would most likely just be really thin and not have much definition at all. There are also 3rd party variable that we should consider. Overall, nice post.

As an avid gym goer, I am also in awe of these gigantic guys in the gym and always wonder to myself how these guys even got that big in the first place. As the previous comments state, its really almost like they live in the gym, and work out like 5 times a day. Its also interesting how you explained that a guy will lower testosterone can't get as big as guys with higher testosterone. Also you explained that if they take testosterone supplements, they will produce less testosterone of their own. But how about if they increase their testosterone by natural causes, such as squatting and deadlifting,will the body produce less if he or she were to stop?
Naturally improve testosterone: How to do squats

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