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I can guarantee that just about every girl on this campus owns a hair straightener, and as one of these girls I can attest that they work miracles! But I among many other users have noticed that my hair diminishes greatly from the repetitive use of these tools. Sure, every girl knows that using a straightener kills their hair but does anyone know what exactly it does? Is it the direct causation of the heat that causes hair loss or is there a confounding variable in a girls 'hair that promotes the hair loss from heat?


            This website stated that, "he invention of ceramic straighteners in the late Nineties ushered in a straight hair revolution overnight". The new employment of the ceramic plate allowed for heat temperatures of over 180 degrees Celsius. The heat caused the cuticle ("the outer protection") of the hair to become damaged. Many of you have probably seen hair product commercials that show single strands of hair. These strands are pictured as silky smooth with scales that lay flat. Well in reality a person's hair is supposed to look like that. When heat is applied it causes these cells to become rigid which is what people refer to as "dead hair".

So like many other girls I think that my hair will just grow back. Sure I'll cut down on my straightener use but I wont give it up; but how can I protect my hair still?

            Healthy Beauty claimed that keratin treatments are the answers to our heat problems because "it strengthens the hair shaft and makes your hair more resilient." But just because you receive this treatment doesn't mean you can use your straightener 24/7. The excessive heat will still cause breakage to your hair.

So what are the alternatives, because lets be honest our main concern is looking good! A website entitled, Lovelyish, published a blog titled, "Addicted to Straightening? 6 Ways to Strengthen Your Hair!". They gave girls many healthy alternatives to straightening their hair in order to still remain beautiful. 


Long hair don't care..until it's all dead from straightening it. I have really long hair as well and I am constantly putting heat to it to either straighten or curl my hair. I never knew that keratin could help strengthen your hair. Every one knows that using straightners is bad for you hair and that you always have to get hair cuts, but most people don't think about how coloring your hair also damages it. According to WebMd (http://www.webmd.com/beauty/hair-styling/20040730/6-steps-to-healthier-hair) you should try to stray away from always dying it because of all the chemicals that can break down your hair.

Being a girl that calls her flat iron her best friend, I can completely understand where your coming from. Constantly straightening your hair can be extremely damaging and can even permanently mess up your hair, so that it doesn't grow back. However, I found this article, from Oprah (and we know she knows it all) that gives tips on how to preserve your hair for different amounts of time. I found it to be really helpful when I was determined to break away from the constant use of my straightener and I think that you will too.


This is great! I straighten my hair every day and put millions of products in my hair and it still seems to have that dry and damaged look to it! I love straightening my hair because I think that's the only way it looks good since I have really bad wavy hair! I use a special type of shampoo that strengthens it as well as products that do that too so I am strengthening my hair so it doesn't look super dead all the time!Here's an how to on straightening your hair with no heat! http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-straighten-hair-overnight-naturally-witho/

I was appealed to this post because I use a lot of heat on my hair. I try not to but I'm obsessed with curling it whenever I go out. But when it comes to class, I try not to do as much to it. Mainly because I don't want my hair to fry off like I've seen happen to so many of my friends. What I found interesting what that people rely on the keratin to make their hair more heat resistant. The same idea is applied to people who use split end remedies. The products do work but only to a certain extent. It coats the ends with oils to protect it from any further damage. In this website (http://voices.yahoo.com/split-end-hair-treatments-they-really-work-10154169.html) talks about how you can get the same effect just by rinsing your hair in cold water. So it's just like you said, people shouldn't rely on a product to keep their hair healthy.

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