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Being in college, we are surrounded by multiple things and more than likely talk about it on a daily basis. These topics include alcohol, bad food, sports, and people, which leads to sex. Now we are all adults and shouldn't hide the fact that sex is something in our lives. It's even involved in the theory of affecting your athletic performances.ali-e1355725911730-340x388.jpg

One day I was watching television and an episode of Sports Science came on. The episode was on the topic of myths, and one of the myths was if 
sex would   hurt   an   athletes performance.  The myth is mostly common is Boxing for coaches would say that it weakened the boxers knees during a match. Muhammad Ali one of the, if not the most, famous boxer of all time would refrain from having sex for six weeks prior to his fights.

During a match, the men wanted to have a higher level of testosterone to make them more agile and hit stronger. But in several studies according to this article on TodayIFoundOut.com, shows that being more sexually active can increase a male's testosterone levels. In the article, Dr. Emmanuele A. Jannini says that if you go long periods of time without sex, testosterone levels will decrease. 

In the episode, they had two time heavy weight championChris Byrd do multiple tests that included agility, cardio, blood tests, and how hard he could throw a punch. He did all four tests before and after he having sex. The second round of tests came out to be that he had about a 20% increase in his performance. Which proved that this was in fact a myth. Another group did a study as well using 14 married, former athletes and the same multiple tests resulting in no change in their performances. 

So, if sex is on the brain before a competition, more than likely it's not going to hurt your performance. However, you probably should not engage in any activity like this right before your game, match, meet, etc., but that should go without saying. 


Photo credit goes to TodayIFoundOut.com 

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Interesting article, but I am curious if third variables were taken for account during the experiment. The third variable could be Ali's sexual performance, attractiveness of Ali's sexual partner, the number of sexual partners, age of partners, number of times a day, size of Ali's bed, whether or not he had a wife at the time, and etc.
Would the boxer have less stamina after sleeping with a 5 then he would after humping a 9 or 10? ( But obviously Muhammad Ali had first pick of the crop).
Also, would the findings of these reports also pertain to women or would it have a reverse effect?

Here is an interesting article that talks more about intercourse and athletes.

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