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Water has got to be one of the healthiest things for anyone to drink. It's pure, has 0 calories and cleanses your system! But after a while, drinking water gets so boring and dull. In our attempts to avoid sodas and other drinks with tons of artificial sweeteners, we turn to liquid water enhancers like MiO and Dasani or even powdered beverage mixes like Crystal Lite. The companies boast that their products are natural and low in calories but in all reality, they really aren't that great for us. Here's the ingredient list of the Strawberry Watermelon MiO flavor.


Notice the section of the ingredient label that says "Contains less than 2% of natural flavor". What about the other 98% of the flavors... Also, on the label appear the two ingredients Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium. These are both artificial sweetners! Suclarose can cause migraines, respiratory problems, seizures, and heart palpitations among other health problems on an ever- growing list! Acesulfame Potassium is not much better than Suclarose as it has been linked to kidney tumors.

Based on these tidbits alone, it's safe to say that artificial water enhancers aren't the safest to drink with your water, which we consume heavily on a daily basis. A healthier alternative to this? Fruit! Lemons are one of the most commonly used fruits for giving water a flavor boost but cucumbers, raspberries, peaches or even flowers or herbs work just as well and they are all so much more beneficial than using artificial sweeteners.

Using citrus fruit like limes, oranges and lemons are helpful in keeping kidneys healthy by preventing crystallizations and therefore, kidney stones as well as allowing for detoxification of the body as a whole. As well as the benefit of keeping hydrated, by drinking fruit infused water you can still get all of the vitamins and nutrients that you'd get from eating a fruit! Others fruits can even help lower cholesterol, inflammation, and fight off diseases! I bet those Dasani flavor drops aren't capable of half of that! So next time you find that your water is getting dull, skip those artificial sweeteners and go straight for some fruit! It's super healthy and tastes just as great! Check out this website for a few fun recipes!Fruit-Infused-Water.jpg



At first I didn't know where you were going with the topic of artificial sweetener, but I like the way you ended the blog. Using natural of anything is always the way to go in the world we live in nowadays. I personally don't use water enhancers like Mio or Crystal Lite, but I have always questioned how truly healthy they really are.Something you didn't bring up though, is to drink juice! Fruits natural juices are extremely healthy and they taste good! I understand if your that bored of water to try out some of the fruit soaking ideas you posted, but I feel like its not really necessary.

Water may be healthy, there is no questioning that; it's a fact. However, and this a big however, there's such thing as too much water, and I'm not talking about drowning. The scientific term is water intoxication, and it refers to the process by which salt in the body becomes too diluted. A bottle or two of water a day is fine, and beneficial to your well-being, but it's best to limit oneself.
I bring this up because products such as the one you detailed in the blog post above, encourage people to drink water, more than they might've had it not been flavored. The health risks of water intoxication and an unhealthy product are two-fold, and harmful.

It's amazing how far America will go to find the perfect zero calorie sweetener for their beverage. Between Sweet and Low, Splenda, and Equal, the calorie consumption may be zero, but the health side effects are not good. There are now other all natural options such as Truvia, but why are the most unhealthy options, the ones that people gravitate to most? An article from talks about artificial sweeteners and how they are controversial. It states all of the negative side effects compared to the positive side effects, yet people are still consuming the chemicals that are in artificial sweeteners. With that in mind, it makes me wonder how far people are willing to go just to have minimal calories?

I posted a blog this week talking about the health benefits of fruits. There are many substances like vitamin c and various antioxidants that can help prevent diseases like cancer and diabetes. Here is the link to my blog.

It seems like in America, we are always trying to promote consumption of something healthy with an addition, complement, or cover-up. I guess the thing is, we view drinking water, even with additives, as better than soda or other drinks very high in sugar. Although the companies don't directly say it and it really shouldn't be the case, it comes off as if they want you to substitute all consumption of water with using MIO or Crystal Light packs.
Although some of Mio's additives are considered safe, the artificial colorings have been linked to hyperactivity ( clearly this isn't really something that we should be consuming and having our children consume, but what is these days?

Great point about drinking fruit juices as well, Jason! I’m a huge fan of fruit juices so I totally agree that they are healthy and taste good (providing you select a good brand and flavor)! As for infusing your water with fruits, it’s not meant to be necessary. If it were, it’d be a much more common practice! I’m sorry if you were mistaken and thought that that was what I was trying to suggest in my article because it certainly wasn’t! Even I don’t infuse my water with fruit- I think it tastes weird. It’s simply an alternative for drinking water plain, many people do like it and plus, it has countless benefits while having minimal drawbacks, if any!

Water intoxication is definitely something to be taken seriously. However, it’s highly unlikely that someone would instantly go from drinking a moderate amount of water to drinking dangerously excessive amounts because they switched from plain water to flavor enhanced water.

Also, unless you drink your water from 50 ounce bottles or in that case, jugs, it’s actually not best to limit yourself to just one or two bottles. Really, the adequate intake of water for women is 2.2 liters, about 4-5 bottles if you’re drinking from your average Poland Spring, Deer Park, etc. 16.9 ounce water bottles. For men, it’s even higher- 3 liters or about 6 bottles!!

According to an article on the specific amount of water that will lead someone to suffering from water intoxication in unknown and also depends on the individual. At the same time, the article from the link you posted states that a kidneys of a healthy adult can process 15 liters of water a day! So unless, you’re sitting down and consuming that much water all in one shot, water intoxication isn’t really that pressing of an issue!

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