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I'm one of those people who have the most extreme dreams. When I was younger, I was convinced that everyday that there was a chance I was going to die based on the dream I had the night before. I was told to stop eating before I went to bed and it was also suggested that I do not watch scary things prior to falling to sleep. I followed all of the suggestions and there was no luck for me having better dreams. In previous research, I found the Freudian theory to somewhat help me understand what my dreams mean vaguely. Freud dream theory suggest dreams are the direct connection to the subconscious. He suggest that many of the urges and impulses of our dreams are reactions to our subconscious. One thing I found interesting in this reading is how he made sense of our behaviors in our dreams in reactions to the things that can not be done when we are awoke.

Consider this, the mind is divided into three parts, the Id, Ego and Superego. The Id is the part of the brain responsible for behaviors, impulses and desires. The Superego is the censor to the Id while the Ego is the conscious of one's behavior. So when we are awake, our behaviors (driven by the Id) are censored by our superego. Now when we are sleeping, our body is at peace and there is not much activity nor muscles movement. With this, the impulses our body undergoes have no filter because the limited activity in the brain when we are sleeping can not trigger the superego to be that sensor. Now it gets interesting, those behaviors and impulses that are suppressed when we are woke due to the superego now have the opportunity to sneak into our dreams. Mind-blowing right!!

Now that this answers my question about my dreams, I am now interested to know more about my suppressed thought and feelings....


Freud's theories are certainly fascinating, but it's pretty widely accepted in the psychological community that he was completely wrong about almost everything. He's important in that he popularized psychology and laid the base theories that would be studied (and disproved) in the future, but the id, ego, and superego? They don't exist. He was wrong about all of that.

He's very important to the field, still. You might want to read this article, it's well-written and discusses why, when most of his theories are now considered trash, his impact on psychology is still being felt:

I learned about this in one of my Psych classes! I have never been one to have really bad dreams, thankfully, but I just read a post about another girl who suffered from nightmares as well! I think it is interesting to look deeper into dreams and the meanings of them. Scientifically, I'm not sure how valid the information is, but it is still very informative and if nothing else, entertaining. Here's the link to the dream dictionary. I hope you enjoy it!

I wonder whether dream fluctuation has to do at all with sleep cycles. I've heard the brain cycles through various phases of sleep throughout the night and at certain points you are much deeper into sleep then other points that are much more shallow. Are dreams more "ego" centric in a deeper state or does it not matter? I also am curious what percent of dreams a person can remember or what kind of dreams a person can remember.

Heres a short/fun article on Popsci about dreaming:

Does length of sleep time and amount of stress have anything to do with your dreams being effected? I heard from someone that if you die in your dreams you die in real life and that spooked me out because whenever i am trying to run from something in a dream i feel as if i am making no progress. Also I am very guilty of not being able to sleep after watching scary movie.

Since all of you are probably going to sleep sooner or now
Maybe this trailer will help you not sleep and finish blogs posts and such

I am the complete opposite of you. It is only on rare occasions where i am able to remember my dreams. some nights i know that i had a dream but cant remember what it was and other nights i dont remember anything. This article has some interesting information on feuds dream theory and other theories as well

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