Kangaroos, Emus, and Koalas... Oh My



When people think of Australia a lot of times the first thing that comes to mind are kangaroos, but kangaroos aren't the only strange animal that call Australia home. This article does a good job explaining that because Australia is an island, it has no immigration of animals from other parts of the world which is why it has animals unseen anywhere else. Before Australia became an island though, it was part of Asia before continental drift and rising sea levels caused Australia to break off into its own continent. The animals that were in a way stuck on the island had to adapt or die, which is what the animals did. 

The kangaroos have a very strong tail as well as hind legs that help them hop long distances on the flat desert plains on hot days. The kangaroos hopping takes less energy than walking. The wombat is another unusual animal living in Australia. They were able to adapt to the heat that Australia provides by becoming nocturnal. Koalas have a diet of mostly eucalyptus leaves and their strong claw-like paws help them cling to the trees. While the leaves are poisonous for a lot of other animals, the koala's digestive system has adapted to it. Emus aren't able to fly or run fast but they were given strong legs to be able to deliver a powerful kick to any animal that tries to attack them. Their feathers resemble matted hair which allows them to handle the extreme changes in the weather. Platypus have adapted to be able to swim as well as dig with their flattened body, strong limbs, and waterproof fur. 

Australia is also host to some of the most dangerous animals in the world. The box jellyfish, also known as the sea wasp, lives in Northern and North Eastern Australia and can be found near the coast of the Great Barrier Reef. Their tentacles have a strong toxin that delivers what its few survivors call an electrical shock as opposed to a burn. It is necessary that a victim gets medical attention as soon as they are stung or else they will most likely die always die. The salt water crocodile is another dangerous animal living in Australia. They are typically around seven meters long and will usually attack anything that moves. Salt water crocodiles swim on the bottom which makes it uneasy to spot them and they have an extremely powerful bite. Unsurprisingly, sharks are everywhere inhabiting all Australian coastal waters. Although they don't kill humans too often, they still most definitely have the ability to. Shocking to most, the great white shark is not the most dangerous shark in Australia. Bull sharks have killed more humans than any other shark combined. Out of the ten most dangerous snakes in the world, eight of them are Australian. The most dangerous snake in the world can kill a hundred adults with a single bite. The brown snake, also from Australia, is capable of killing many as well. It is extremely dangerous, especially in the summer, to visit the Coast line and walk on the hills over the grass. 




I actually didn't know that Australia is home to many animals that are not in other parts of the world. Also interesting how no animals immigrate from Australia. Its true that whenever i think of Australia, it is now Andrews accent and kangaroos. Its very interesting that they burn more energy when walking then hopping around. During ROTC physical trainings we do bunny hops and they are obviously a lot more strenuous to us than walking.

Documentary on kangaroos.

GASP! the enemy!! (haha Andrew, New Zealand is bettA!)

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