Junk Food Is For Losers

We all know the freshman 15 is real.  Whether your going through it right now, have already gone through it, or know someone going through it, everyone can agree it's definitely not a myth.  While everyone is in the midst of gaining weight, the only advice we hear is go to the gym and eat healthy.  But what is healthy?  Personally, if I need to eat spinach, water, andimages.jpeg kale for the rest of my life, Im simply not doing it.  But what if there was an alternative to eating healthy foods that actually taste good?  Well, there is, and thank the heavens for it because kale and I do not get along.  
      To my surprise, there are actually many great tasting foods that have amanzing health benefits to them.  Now, if I knew this my freshman year then my body would have been a lot happier.  MagForWoman.com talks about several surprisingly healthy foods, that are both good for the taste buds and the body.  

  1. Dark chocolate---now this is definitely no Twix bar, but it's something I can work with.  Dark chocolate not only tastes pretty good, but it has several health benefits that every college student should check out.  Dark chocolate has to ability to cleanse to body, due to its rich flavors that can also serve as a detox.  It is extremely rich in antioxidants which can help lower blood pressure and improve the heart.  Generally, when eaten in small amounts, dark chocolate serves as a super food, and a pretty good tasting one.  
  2. Avocado---this is something that doesn't appeal to everyone, but personally, I could eat avocados whole.  With a little salt and pepper you have a great snack that is rich in vitamins.  Avocado contains a lot of folic acid and vitamin B, which helps regulate the heart and lower cholesterol.  It is also very rich in potassium which helps lower cholesterol, and improver overall health.  
  3. Blackberries---I am personally not a huge fan of blackberries, but becasue of their amazing health benefits, they are hard to resist.  They are especially important for woman becasue they are packed with ellagic acid which helps fight wrinkles and aging skin.  Blackberries are packed with calcium to improve bone strenght, as well as antioxidents to reduce the risk of cancer.  
      One of the reasons eating healthy is so hard is the lack of motivation.  Sure an avocado a day is good for me, and maybe a few blackberries here and there, but why is eating healthy so important.  As a lazy college student I can agree that eating healthy is one of the harder things to do, but this website looks at the general picture of healthy eating.  Tracii Hanes of Livestrong.com states that "Food is the source of energy for all of our bodily functions and directly effects how our bodies and minds function in every stage of life."  So maybe it is worth skipping out on Canyon Pizza, and trying a healthier option.  Not only is healthy eating good for our bodies, but it also contributes to weight management, energy, and mood, which are three imperative factors in every students life.  
  1. Weight management---most of the foods that I would consider yummy are filled with empty calories, which begin to stack up in more ways than one.  You never become full, and your body starts to get used to the poor foods you are intaking
  2. Mood---a healthy diet can lead to improved mind and body performance.  Foods rich in antioxidants improve cognitive functioning, and help decrease the chances of depression and anxiety.  
  3. Energy---good proteins, carbs, and fats are considered to be the fundamentals of energy.  The energy provided by junk food is very minimal, and can cause you to be tired and groggy.  The better you eat, the better you will feel and perform.  
If eating healthy is hard for you, then just remember, almonds and peas are not your only option.  And if your lacking motivation, then think of all the positive effects healthy eating has on your body.  The freshman 15 is avoidable, and I hope this makes it a lot more manageable. 


I couldn't even tell you how many times per day I hear girls talking about dieting. It's one of the hardest struggles people face, no doubt. But it is frustrating when people diet incorrectly. I really think your blog does a great job at looking deep into how to be healthy and lose weight, opposed to just losing weight. It's not all about eating as little calories as possible, cutting out carbs and living off of celery. This is down right unhealthy and you're body will end up exhausted, malnourished and you may even up sick. There are so many healthy tricks to work into your diet, just a few are listed here here. According to this website, it can be even WORSE to diet unhealthily opposed to not dieting at all. The results could be, like the website lists; binge eating, muscle loss, fatigue and nausea, moodiness and even eventual weight gain. It's definitely best to listen to your tips!

Eating healthy can be so hard. I personally have a weakness for bread and chocolate... But to go back to what you were saying about how our bodies get used to the junk that we eat, it is so true. This past summer I did a 10 day challenge of unprocessed food (http://www.100daysofrealfood.com/take-the-10-day-pledge/) and it made such a difference for me. It was very hard at first to resist my cravings, but once I reached day 6 or 7, they began to decrease. I got full with less food because it was REAL food and I didn't need my food to be as sweet. I was no longer tempted by desserts. Unfortunately after the 10 days were up I ate cookie dough and it sent me back into my old ways, but I'm determined to do it again to beat my sugar addiction. I would suggest trying this challenge to anyone, you'll feel great!

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