"I've been searching everywhere and I can't seem to find Molly"

I have never heard of the drug Molly until last year (I am 21 years old).  Maybe I'm behind on times, but now it seems everyone is talking about the popular drug that I like to call the "EDM drug."  I realized how big the drug became when the rather catchy song "Molly" came out and have been curious what the fuss is about ever since.  I think what intrigues me the most is how it is becoming such a normal thing, almost like smoking weed, and after researching the effects, this has me a tad bit worried. 

According to DecodedScience, Molly is "marketed as the pure powdered form of ecstasy," but it may not be as "pure" as you think.  Molly is actually a street name for the drug ecstasy is made of, MDMA. The side effects of molly are created from the release of serotonin which causes a change in one's mood, appetite and sleep (this is where the carefree feeling comes from). Although, the increased serotonin leads to many negative effects as well including, "confusion, depression, sleep problems, drug cravings, and anxiety," and the effects can last a day or go on for weeks. 

Many of the recent overdoses on Molly have been caused from the drug laced with other things. You never know what you taking when you decide to take the tablet.  So even though molly is bad for you, is it safer when it is completely pure ecstasy? According to popularscience, the answer is yes, but it is almost impossible to find out if the drug is laced with anything else. 

Even though there are many negatives to the drug, a study done by the Journal of Psychopharmacology , said there are positives to Molly as well. Michael Mithoefer, a South Carolina psychiatrist, monitored 20 patients with PTSD and their effects on MDMD. The study was a double-blind study because Mithoefer gave a placebo to some, while delivering the MDMD to others. Participants responded well and many of their PTSD symptoms significantly improved, even without side effects to the drug. I am very curious to find out the results with a larger sample size and see if the success rate is still so high.

I am not endorsing the drug.  It is not legal, and has caused deaths and many overdoses, but I can see the benefits of it as well. I think because the drug is so new, more research will be conducted to find out how harmful or helpful the drug can be. 



Interesting, I never knew that there were medical uses to MDMA. I decided to research the topic further and found that it has also been used to treat Parkinson's disease and it actually helped normal movement in the case of one patient. While anecdotal, I still found it to be worth mentioning because I was unaware of any benefits. Even if further uses in the medical field are discovered, it seems unlikely that it would become legal due to it's high potential for abuse.

Molly has benefits? Well that's news to me haha. I've heard and seen so many bad side effects of Molly that it's not even funny. I guess everything really does have its pros and cons. Regardless, I still don’t know why people take Molly for fun. It confuses me as to why anyone would want to risk getting those side effects. But hey, to each his own. I’ve never really heard of Molly until it became something popular to reference in today’s rap songs. I thought it was a new drug but it’s apparently not. According to Times Health & Family Magazine the “use of MDMA rose in the early 2000s, with 15% of college students saying they had tried it in the year 2001. By 2012, its popularity had waned some; 7% of high school seniors and 9% of college students reported using it then.” Molly has been around for some time, but I still need some reassurance on the fact that Molly improves Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Maybe it isn’t so bad after all…or is it? Here are four myths about molly:


I actually wrote a blog regarding the way molly works and I always wondered if it is possible to use molly or atleast the effects it has in curing some of the psychological disorders. When you pop molly the brain produces more serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. These neurotransmitters play an important role in stimulating the body and also lack of emotions and lot of anxiety issues are related to the lack of these neurotransmitters. This website gives the details of the effects if the body lacks neurotransmitters: http://neurogenesis.com/neuro-transmitters/neurotransmitters-overview/
So i wonder if molly can actually more that just a drug to trip on while listening to great music.

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