Is texting killing the art of conversation?

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texting.jpgEveryone texts. If you don't text, you're pretty much considered ancient. But what has texting done to our society? Instead of meeting up to talk to someone, we send them a quick text. Throughout classes, we are constantly occupied by the messages on our phone. Even when we walk, our faces are glued to our phones to respond to a message to one of our friends who could literally be in walking distance.  Has this modern convenience backfired on our generation? Has is hindered us from being able to effectively converse with one another?

In an article found in the Olympian,texting can be and is often used as a technique to avoid interaction with others. We all know what that's like when we don't really feel like talking to someone, we text them instead because it allows us the opportunity to avoid speaking. The article also mentions how texting allows for complete control over responses. At any time during a text conversation we can think about our response (type, backspace, and type again) or choose to not even respond at all.

Another article suggests yet another hypothesis for why texting is killing the art of conversation. PR Daily mentions 4 different reasons as to why texting just may become our talking demise.  Reducing the need for deep conversations, decreasing the need to know correct spelling and grammar, prohibiting people from being fully attendant and increased ambiguity are all disadvantages that are created by texting.

More studies show that texting isn't all bad, it just needs to be done in moderation.  An article from the Intelligencer said that people prefer texting over a phone call, but found that writing skills had enhanced with people from our generation.

With the vast number of opinions and ideas about texting, it is clear that it has both advantages and disadvantages. The key to being able to text without losing the art of conversation is to text in moderation and has physical interactions and phone calls regularly. That way, you can master both!


1 Comment

I think your blog makes a really good point. Texting has certainly taking over people's lives and it's no longer just in our generation. People always say "you kids need to get off your phones," but you know what? I see just as many adults on their phones today. Over the summer I used to take the train into Philly and I was surrounded by adults who were texting just as much as I was. They weren't making conversation with the person sitting next to them either. As you mentioned, texting allows us to avoid conversation with others. There are other side effects to texting besides the mental and social aspects. Did you know there are physical side effects? Apparently the way you are positioned when you text is similar to using a computer. Carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, and tendonitis are the types of problems you may face from the overuse of cell phones!

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