Is Posture really good for the brain?


"Sit up straight!"


We've all heard this line since we were in elementary school. The saying never gets old. This is said to us because we are either slouching over our desks or using our hand as a headrest. When one has good posture, it looks good on interviews and professional. I wonder if teachers ever noticed that as many times they have told us to fix our posture, did they know that they were helping us retain information?


Posture is not only good for the body, but it is great for your spine. Slouching a lot and not standing straight can lead to a bend in your spine. Posture helps with your learning and according to the article Practice Good Posture for Better Memory Retention, "posture...can play a significantly role in how well you learn new things". The study conducted in Florida State University, found that posture has improved memory because they call it a "congruent".  The part of the brain that contains the memory part is the cerebrum, which has two halves, right and left. In the brain you have a process is which your memory is retained in your mind. Posture helps because it helps tick off memories. If you are in a good stance and learning something, you are more likely to remember what that was instead of you in a bad posture.


So think about it, they next time you want to remember something and retain it, will your posture be right?


I think that this is a pretty cool topic. It's true that we were always told as kids to have good posture. I also am positive that I not once thought that having good posture could have an effect on the way I learn things. Speaking of the power the spine has, I found this article, The spine can help control and regulate things such as balance, and even the digestive system. Beyond that, "The importance of the spine to our health has been recognized by great men for centuries. Hippocrites, the celebrated Greek physician after who the “Hippocratic Oath” is named, recognized the importance of the spine saying: “Get knowledge of the spine, for this is the requisite for many diseases.”

Interesting blog Dalila, the posture-memory relationship is new to me but I had heard about studies that confirmed that our posture influences our confidence and mood. The link below describes how posture helps us keep positive thoughts; after reading your blog, I'm wondering whether the same part of our brains that influences our mood and thoughts is responsible for keeping memories. Definitely a thing to look into.

I was so confused by the title of your blog post because I had no idea there even was a correlation between posture and retention! An article that I found that your posture also has an effect on your mood! The article says that by slouching, you are telling your brain that you are depressed or upset about something. Slouching also protects your organs, therefore leading your brain to think that you're protecting yourself against something. Slouching also causes your breathing to become shallow, which alerts the brain that you're in danger. Taking deep breaths from the abdomen soothes the brain and tells it that everything is OK.

This claim made perfect sense to me from the start. When I'm slouching or in some kind of lazy position, I'm not in the mood to be productive or pay attention. In contrast, when I'm sitting up straight, I'm more likely to be engaged in the situation and psychologically alert. When I'm demonstrating good posture and being attentive in class, for example, I'm much more likely to retain information since I'm paying closer attention and I'm more alert to details. I think it also has to do with how seriously you take yourself or the situation. If you don't care about some boring lecture about an irrelevant topic, you're not going to remember much because you probably "zoned out" for most of it.
This article talks about a study in which researchers discovered biological reasons for feeling "in charge" while sitting up straight:

After reading your article i thought about how frequently do i sit up straight and came to the conclusion that it is less frequent than i'd like it to be. so my obvious next thought was what am i going to do about it. I find that most times when you are slouching you don't even realize you are in bad posture. i read this article about a device that has been created to help yo remind you to sit up straight. Isn't it fascinating the new things that modern technology hascome up with

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