Is Coffee Good for You?


Chances are that at some point someone has told you that drinking coffee is bad for you. I decided to do some research on the health implications of drinking coffee and my findings were surprising.


One study that attempted to look for health risks tied to drinking coffee called, Association of Coffee Drinking with Total and Cause-Specific Mortality, took about 400,000 people and found that there was an inverse relationship between drinking coffee and fatal diseases. The participants coffee habits, health history, and other habits like cigarette smoking were recorded. It became clear at the end of the study that the people who drank coffee and didn't smoke/drink alcohol were just as healthy as those that didn't smoke/drink alcohol and didn't drink coffee.


Based on these findings it is my opinion that coffee doesn't do any real harm. I think that people over the years have assumed that coffee is bad for you because of the immediate noticeable effect of caffeine. Out of all the bad habits that people can pick up it seems that coffee is harmless.


A recent Harvard study on coffee also supports these findings. In the study followed volunteers around for about 2 decades and recorded their behaviors similarly to the study described earlier. The researchers found that there was not any correlation with diseases like cancer and drinking coffee. Research over the years also shows that coffee drinkers may be at less of a risk of being diagnosed with diseases like Parkinson's and liver cancer.


It is becoming clear that more research needs to be done on the way coffee reacts with the body because there may be properties that can save lives. In very recent history coffee has gone from being looked at as a vice to now having potential disease preventing properties. This is a classic example of how the scientific method should have been used from the beginning. Maybe coffee would not have been written off as bad just because it made a few people jittery if we took the time to apply the scientific method.






This is good to hear as I know myself that I drink coffee more than I should in one day. As I'm writing this, I am planning to go get a coffee to stay awake for the night and get all more work done. I feel like it does what its supposed to, wakes me up and helps me focus on what I need to plus I feel it tastes good. I found a very interesting article from Harvard in which it states that even drinking up to six cups of coffee a day won't have adverse side effects. The only side effects seem to be on pregnant women or those having heart and blood pressure issues. I also found that caffeine has health benefits but more research does need to be done. To read more, visit:

Misconceptions are difficult to deal with, oftentimes because:
1.) They tend to be pretty deeply engrained, and
2.) There are so many of them.
An interesting topic that was brought up during my Public Speaking class dealt with the issue of cow milk, and its effect on the human body. Interestingly enough, milk has been linked to a number of health problems. Headaches, joint pain and even increased eczema have all been attributed to milk consumption.
Question is, do you take it in your coffee?
More on the subject can be found in the following link:

Thank you for this! I have heard so many times that coffee has many benefits such as antioxidants. Caffeine which is naturally found in coffee is what tends to be more controversial because it is a stimulant. This article: claims that coffee can reduce risks of liver cancer and then quotes a doctor claiming the results of the study are inconclusive. There are so many conflicting ideas out there. However, coffee definitely does have serious health benefits, one of them being reducing the risk of diabetes.

Although coffee does have good health benefits, I have learned that there are many negative side effects to coffee. One of the reasons is that coffee is very acidic, which can lead to heart burn and indigestion. Another side effect of coffee is it's addiction factor. When the body starts to rely on caffeine, it beings to disregard the bodies natural source of energy. Lastly, the caffeine causes elevated urinary exrection, which causes you to loose important minerals such as calcium and magnesium. To learn more click the link below.

It is very reassuring to hear that coffee is not actually harmful to you beyond anything that caffeine could do. I do enjoy having coffee at times and I must remember not to listen to common says because they are often not based in truth.

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