Invasion of the Lionfish

There has been a longstanding problems across the world with the invasion of foreign species in a new ecosystem and of course this is always due too humans introducing the invasive species. Recently in the waters around Bermuda there has been a growing problem concerning lionfish. These lionfish have been destroying local ecosystems and are threatening the reefs. Lionfish have no known predators in the area because they were introduced by humans so their only predators and humans. These lionfish are capable of wiping out 90% of a reef and the problem is escalating. (cnn) People are attempting lower the populations of the lionfish but it is proving extremely difficult due to the fast rates which they reproduce and the difficulty to catch these fish due to the depth that the lionfish usually live at.
Humans are just about always the cause for the destruction of an ecosystem either purposely or accidentally. This is a case of humans accidentally threatening an ecosystem. If we want to continue to live in a world with a diverse collection of animals and ecosystems we need to stopped causing such events as this. We need to begin to take many more precautions against the introduction of a foreign species into an ecosystem to prevent the possible extinction of species. Harsher regulations should be put into place to prevent invasive species from spreading and better methods of removing these species if they are introduced into an ecosystem should be developed.



Every year since I was about six my family has taken vacations to the Cayman Islands. Since I turned 10, I have been a certified scuba diver and have been diving in the Caymans ever since. Over the past few years(since 2009) when we dive, the Dive Master often brings along a spear to kill any potential lion fish that they see in the reef. I have actually found a dive group that has devoted a lot of time and energy to try and eliminate the fish from the Cayman reefs. A link to their website and what they are doing to try and eliminate lion fish is below:

That is really cool to hear from someone you has actually seen first hand how people are trying to deal with this problem. I had never even heard about it until I read an article the other day about the threat the lionfish pose to the reefs.

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