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In today's society there is no question as to which gender is responsible for the most cheating. Even if there was a question, statistics show that men cheat more and multiple sociologists and sex therapists support the findings. The article "Our Cheatin' Hearts" (featured on addresses some of the reasons why this phenomena is so prevalent.
The first concept the article addresses is a biological urge. But, the author only briefly touches on the evolutionary/biological perspective of a man's need to "spread his seed." It mentions that this isn't a valid excuse anymore because biology is really only a small part of a plethora of reasons responsible for a man's infidelity. Many would argue otherwise, claiming some men are less evolved and have these insatiable desires that drive them to cheat. While some of this might ring true, the other arguments the article touched on seemed more plausible.
The author addresses a concept I never would have attributed to cheating. He claims that instead of pinpointing an issue or problem a man might be having, he will resort to a former pleasure that once brought them positivity in times of stress. This argument states that men use cheating as not only a distraction, but a cure for their problems when they are unhappy in their marriages. The author addresses it as a sort of addiction they might resort to instead of facing the real issue at hand. Another reason the author mentions is a man's use of cheating to get out of a marriage. Both of these are not reasons I would consider to be commonly attributed to cheating. Whenever I think of infidelity in a relationship, I first picture a man who is bored, going through a mid-life crisis, feeling overworked or unappreciated whilst being tempted by a woman who is drastically different from the woman he married. I probably think of these reasons because they are the ones frequently portrayed in movies, t.v. shows, and novels. In reality, infidelity has less to do with sheer desire for a younger colleague or because he is bored (although boredom might play a small part in it), but more to do with underlying issues with himself and his marriage. That being said, according to the article, people are marrying in their late 20's and even older more than ever. Cheating is seldom due to a biological desire and often has a psychological and emotional basis.


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This article talks about reasons men cheat. I think that we can't make assumptions because the true answer comes from that individual man. Sure most could agree with the reasons listed, but everyone is different and they have their reasons. I think physical cheating is not as bad as emotional cheating, but again, it is up to the individual involved. This article talks about some of the differences in both scenarios.

Maybe you can find a difference in the articles since one if geared for men coming from and the other for women from Marie Claire.

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