Immortality, a Possibility?

Immortality: The ability to live forever, eternal life. The thing that most super villains in movies are trying to get. I remember as a kid I would always ask my parents if it was possible to live forever, and they would reply, no, only God lives forever. That answer always bothered me and I always believed in the possibility of immortality, no matter who told me that it wasn't possible. (Just like how I still believe a zombie virus taking over the earth is still possible). In history , a Sumerian King seeks eternal life, then another man more commonly known, names Ponce de Leon comes to the Americas in search of a fountain of youth. Where did these guys here about this? How were they so convinced that they searched far and wide for this immortality?

Well, researchers claim to have found the key to "biological immortality", using a girl named Gabby Williams, an 8 year old girl with a body of an infant. Though she is 8 years old, she only weighs about 11 pounds and still has to be taken care of as she is a baby. No we have all heard of the shortest women in the world, a women that hasn't grown at all and stands at 24.7 inches tall. Here's a video on her if you don't know about her.The special thing about this girl is that unlike the shortest women in the world, her skin and hair is still that of a baby. People with this disease are so rare that a name for the disease has yet to be made. These guys are actually the age they seem to be, not just the size. They have a thing that just prevents them from aging.

Though no experiments have been tried, scienctists and researchers just think and hope that these people hold the key to eternal youth. Why do we age? Read this article on why we age Dr. Michael Rose explains that "an organism ages because the process is a byproduct forced upon us by evolution by natural selection--governed by the passing on of genes." So technically in order to not age, we have to reverse that process or block it completely.

So, what do you guys think? Do you believe that we can achieve true immortality? If so would you guys be open to the idea of being given immortality and why?


"Girl Who Never Ages Could Hold Key to 'biological Immortality,' Researcher Says."NY Daily News. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Oct. 2013.

Gabby Williams may not look it, but she is 8-years-old. She has a mysterious condition that has caused her to virtually stop aging.

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