Is technology ruling our world?! Studies show that the average person checks their phone up to 110 times a day. Before I heard this statistic I didn't consider the fact that the number would be so high, now that it's been brought to the forefront I think I may check my phone even more times than that especially when Candy Crush is involved. Is this practice trickling down to our little babies? There are thousands of apps out there now and quite a handful of these apps are geared towards babies to help them learn. Back in my day there was Hooked on Phonics to help kids learn how to read now there are all sorts of apps and DVDs out to help babies learn things ranging from their ABCs to a whole other language. Is it beneficial for babies to have their eyes and mind locked on a bright and colorful iPad or Kindle?

            Last semester in my HDFS class my professor did a segment on babies and technology. One of the reasons he pointed out why babies are so interested in our phones and iPads are because they're eyes aren't fully developed and can only see bold colors. We all know that our phones can be extremely bright and with games such as Candy Crush our phones deliver bold colors as well which babies gravitate towards. There are two different perspectives on our little baby geniuses. One side feels that if the developing brain is exposed to too much multi-tasking (which cell phones and iPads help us do) the baby can acquire attentional and learning difficulties. On the other hand, other research contradicts this finding claiming DVD and TV producers use their media enhances learning and social growth. Are educational DVDs helpful? A study was done on two of the most popular baby enrichment DVDs, Baby Einstien and Brainy Baby. It was concluded that these videos were not beneficial to babies but in fact slowed down language development in infants between 8-16months. They knew on average six to eight fewer words than babies who didn't watch them. I would gather that having your baby glued to a television or Kindle would hinder your child from interacting with other people thus decreasing their social competence.

            I'm not saying that it's bad to let your child watch TV or play with an iPad. I'm Saying if you're going to do it, do it sporadically. Do not give your child an iPad or sit them in front of the television just so that you will have time to yourself. If that's the case you will find yourself putting them in front of technology pretty often which isn't beneficial to the baby at all.



I was just talking about this concept with one of my friends! I plan to do a paper on the effects technology has on our babies within the near future. I agree with everything that you said. Technology can really backfire because it decreases the amount of social interaction. There's an article on the Huffington Post that says that there's over 15,000 apps that are used for educating children. That number is insane for a child that can't even read yet! In your post you said to use technology sporadically, but I would argue that it shouldn't be used at all, at least until the child is of age to handle the millions of things that it can do.

This entry is actually hilarious. Though it hasn't been too many years between us and the younger kids nowadays the way they learn things has become so technologically advanced. As you said we learned through activity books and basic computer programs, but now in your entry you explained that they have apps for kids and toddlers to learn. Also, I do remember reading somewhere that its not good for babies to watch things on a phone for some reason that i forgot, but i know whenever i let a baby watch stuff on my phone my mom flips out.

A baby watching TV

throughout grade school i took different classes to learn how to type. I am willing to bet that in a few years these type of classes wont be necessary because technology is so common in our lives that children will naturally learn how to type without specifically being taught. I think that you will find this article on children and technology interesting. It is about this new iGeneration, which is similar to what i have been talking about.


This actually makes me so sad! It blows my mind how technology is basically the alternative to our good old coloring books! I miss the old days where out to dinner you saw everyone talking, coloring, playing with toys... Now all you see is everyone on their phones and babies watching television on an iPad or tablet at dinner! It is crazy how that happens. No matter what happens, I will never let my babies have an iPad especially out to dinner! My 15-year-old brother and I were having this discussion when we were on the airplane to Florida one time. There was a father and the baby was sitting on his lap playing games on the iPad. Before taking off, the flight attendant politely asked the man to shut off the iPad and put it away until we are in the air... He complied, but the little kid through a huge fit and was crying historically reaching for the iPad up in the compartment. My brother gave him a crayon and paper, and it looked like he has never even seen a crayon in his life which is just so sad... I am scared to see what will happen to our society as we age, but I guess we all have to deal with the new advancements in technology. "On average, young people spend up to 5 1/2 hours on technology unrelated to school." That is a devastating fact. Here is a link to how statistics are changing. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-jim-taylor/childrens-immersion-in-te_b_1871896.html

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