How to stay warm!



                I am
extremely amazed by how quickly State College manages to get cold in the
winter. Just last week the weather was beautiful and warm. The weather was
almost like tanning weather and I did not need a jacket. Now, I am in desperate
need for my mom to send up my long winter jacket coat. I really do not want to
get sick this winter, so I began researching simple ways on how to stay warm in
the winter.
thing that is recommended is to drink warm drinks and foods. By doing this, it
is getting your blood circulation going. The article also explains that if you
take a warm bath before you go to bed, this will help you stay warmer the next
day. Not only that, but it will help put you to sleep faster. On the other
hand, you would never believe this but eating nuts can help. Since nets are
high in fat, the fat will help you regulate your body temperature.
article also talks about how cuddling will help keep you warm, sound stupid but
it has a scientific explanation/ From cuddling, you are getting extra body
heat, releasing a feel good hormone (oxytocin), and reducing stress. It is
known that when you reduce stress, you are also reducing your blood
                It is
very important to keep your exercise up in the winter, exercise releases
endorphins. Endorphins ar essential to keep you mood and maintain a healthy
body weight.  If you in cooperate spices
into your meals, this also helps get the blood circulating.


                In the
case that there is snow, it is important to cover most of your body. Bundle up,
make sure your toes are covered. The most important thing is to also make sure
most of your face is covered and your ears.


All of these tips will:


Help you stay warm


Keep you healthy


Keep you feeling good


Get the Blood circulation going


Hope this helps!


I also find it unbelievable how cold it gets here so quickly! Only last week I was only wearing a light cardigan and now I have to get my winter jacket from home. The cold makes me gloomy and unmotivated to go to class or do work for that matter. These tips are interesting. I didn't know that if you take a warm bath the night before it will help stay warm the next day. I was always told that drinking cold drinks would make you warmer because your body temperature would get used to the outside temp. More easily, but I find it interesting that you should drink warm drinks. I mean it does make more sense! I found an article that says that warm drinks will make you warmer for a little but not internally. Check it out

Staying warm is extremely important because your health will decline quickly. On the extremely cold day I try to stay warm as possible by staying indoors, which is not only safe but very comfortable and relaxing. A nice winter coat for State College is a must if one wants to stay healthy, and having a hot drink always helps one's throat. Check out some other tips here!

Your post reminds me of a time in class when Andrew told us that the idea that "heat escapes from the top of your head" is a myth! I found this unbelievable since I had been told that my entire life. Your post prompted me to look further into this. According to, head heat loss accounts for less than 20%-30% of total body heat loss. However, head heat loss changes according to different things. For example, you lose more heat from your head at rest than when exercising. Also, the lower the temperature, the more heat you lose from your head. After looking into this, I still feel that it is important to wear a hat in the winter!

Check out this article for more information

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